We spoke to Julie Clarey, Careers Advisor at Lyndon School, to find out why she brings pupils to WorldSkills UK LIVE.

What is that really draws you to the event?

There’s lots of variety there. It exposes the students to lots of different areas that they possibly didn’t know about. We’ll bring the whole of year nine when they are picking their options. It’s an opportunity for them to experience talking to employers. Schools are driven by data and statutory requirements so bringing a whole year group to WorldSkills UK LIVE helps the school as well as the students.

How does it change your pupils’ thoughts and attitudes about their future careers?

It broadens their horizons to what careers are out there and what’s available. They get taster sessions, so they get to know and try different things. They particularly like the interactive activities.

Which activities are particularly popular amongst your pupils?

A few years ago they made little cars out of metal. They can do hair and makeup, that sort of thing. They do like the hands-on activities rather than just standing around talking to someone.

What part of the event did you find particularly useful?

Going around and talking, gaining contacts and gathering information from employers who offer apprenticeships. It’s really brilliant.

How do you think that WorldSkills UK LIVE benefits your pupils?

There are things there that students may not have looked at or considered – a health career for example. They may not have thought about it or been exposed to that sort of environment. It broadens their horizons and shows them that there are other things out there.


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