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City of Glasgow College & Glasgow Caledonian University

Finley’s passion for technology started at an early age. At just three years old, they were already known for fixing computers at their nursery. With a parent who also taught IT at school, Finley grew up immersed in the world of technology, fostering a deep interest in the field. 

Choosing a career in IT was a natural decision for Finley, aligning perfectly with their career prospects and personal interests. “I decided to go into IT Network Systems Administration because it matched my career goals and it’s what I enjoy the most. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it,” they say.

Finley first learned about WorldSkills UK through their foundation apprenticeship. The computing area at their college displayed information about the competition, sparking their interest. This was further reinforced when they attended the City of Glasgow College to pursue their HND, where they were again encouraged to get involved. 

 Finley participated in the regional and national pre-qualifying heats, ultimately winning gold in Network Infrastructure. This victory earned them a spot on Squad UK. When asked what it means to be part of the team, they proudly share, “It feels like all the effort I’ve put in is paying off. I’ve worked hard to get here, and now I get to represent my skill on an international stage—the first time for IT Network Systems Administration since 2019.” 

Finley’s friends and family are their biggest cheerleaders. Finley said, “My friends are rooting for me, and my family is over the moon. They’re coming to the opening and closing ceremonies and are very excited!”. 

We asked Finley what the next few months look like as they prepare for WorldSkills Lyon. “Training, training, and more training,” Finley said. They also mentioned, “I have included regular well-being activities to balance the intense screen time.” 

Finley continued, “Training every weekend can be tough! Sometimes, you wake up on the weekend and don’t feel like training, but the motivation has to be there as I am dedicated to being at my very best once I compete in September.” 

Finley also said, “Being part of WorldSkills UK has allowed me to improve working under pressure and helped with my planning, as having a plan is crucial when you are in a competitive environment.” 

We asked Finley what they are most looking forward to at WorldSkills Lyon. They said, “I’m looking forward to a change of scenery and gaining a different perspective on things. I’m excited to see how the whole competition comes together.” 

Finley highly recommends other students participate in WorldSkills. “You learn new skills and develop life skills. Networking skills and other abilities you gain will transfer into the workplace and beyond,” they advise. 

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