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David’s passion for Autobody Repair ignited at a young age. Introduced to WorldSkills UK by his brother, David was thrilled by the prospect of competing against peers from around the globe.  

A pivotal moment in David’s journey was his college tutor introducing him to a former WorldSkills UK competitor who trained in the workshop next to David’s class. This connection fuelled David’s enthusiasm and dedication to the competition. As a former apprentice, David will now proudly represent the UK in Autobody Repair. 

David’s relentless hard work led him to regional and national competitions, culminating in a silver medal at the national finals. Reflecting on his selection for Team UK, David expressed, “It is an honour and a fantastic opportunity to showcase my passion for my skill internationally. It is a huge moment.”

In preparation for WorldSkills Lyon 2024, David has demonstrated his commitment by training every Friday afternoon from 2 PM to 5 PM. This dedication is further highlighted by his opportunity to travel to Thailand with WorldSkills UK for team selection, where he trained alongside peers from Thailand and Japan.

To manage competition stress, David incorporates running into his routine. Regular 5K and 10K runs help lower his heart rate, enabling him to stay calm under pressure. This training proved invaluable during his trips to Thailand and Japan, where he faced the challenge of competing in 42-degree heat.

Participating in WorldSkills UK has significantly boosted David’s career. “I have become well-known in the industry and gained recognition from a wide range of people,” he shared. The advanced skills acquired from his WorldSkills UK training have also led to better financial opportunities, positioning him above his peers in both skill level and earning potential.

When asked about his excitement for WorldSkills Lyon, David said, “I see it as a chance to become the best in the world,” a goal he has been striving for since learning about the competition.

David wholeheartedly recommends getting involved with WorldSkills. “It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that not everyone gets to experience. It’s a chance to showcase your passion and skills on an international stage,” he said.

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