“I think it’s amazing. I really, really love it. I’m very impressed.”

Ruth is working her way through the mindset module for students and the CPD for tutors modules.” I take care of the high performing programme at Coleg Cambria, for those learners showing the highest-skilled attributes. I also look after 156 competitors as well as the high-performing athlete group as well. So, I’ve recently just introduced the Hub to both groups and created a video to show them how to use it. I’m really keen to make the most of it to be effective for my learners. They’re definitely showing interest, especially the athletes and some have either completed the mindset module or are working on it.”

As a former performance coach for WorldSkills UK Ruth knows the benefits for young people of taking part in competition. “I’ve seen it work, I’ve seen it happen. I’ve seen how the competitors have used the attributes and how effective they are. it naturally fits in with what we’re trying to do in the college. It’s just perfect for Coleg Cambria.

What I really like about it is it’s really easy to use and the videos. it’s good to see athletes and squad members on there to make it relevant.

The downloadable resources for each of the tasks are what Ruth finds most helpful. “There’s lots of information on there. Whilst you might not relate to it all at this moment in time, there will definitely be moments where you want to reflect back on it. And you’ll think “Oh, I’m struggling to problem-solve or with commitment or focus. Let me have another look at that resource I downloaded.”

Training manager and competitor

The Hub’s versatility is one of its strong suits Ruth says, “We have a programme backed by the Welsh Government where learners have to do modules outside of their subject specialism. I think there is definitely an opportunity where it could be rolled out more in the area of pastoral care because the Hub is based on employability and developing those related skills. I would definitely recommend it to colleagues and training providers.”


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