Dr Neil Bentley, Chief Executive, WorldSkills UK said:  

“The Government is right to place so much emphasis on skills and businesses need to drive the agenda to close the skills gap in this country. 

“This is why I welcome the announcement of significant funding to train more key construction workers.  If these apprentices are to be at the level required by industry, this training must be under-pinned by world-class standards.  It is this that will drive productivity, one of the clear challenges facing the UK economy.

“WorldSkills UK has a strong pedigree in training medal-winning apprentices in construction and other key industries, including engineering and technology, in line with international standards.  This is shown by the recent placing of the UK tenth in the global WorldSkills rankings.  Leveraging our world-class methodology can help businesses fast-track the training of apprentices, ensuring the UK gets a grip on tackling the skills shortages we are facing.”

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