This module will introduce you to skills and behaviours that will help you to perform in competitions and  other challenging arenas such as sport, school, college and even the workplace. As part of this module, you will be able to download a Developing competition performance activity book with reflective tasks and a Professional Action Plan.

Young person competing in beauty therapy competition

Learning objectives

  • Identify the skills and behaviours you need to help you reach your personal potential

  • Learn how to prepare for performance in challenging situations and how to stay physically and mentally healthy during competitions

  • Learn about Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence: self-regulation, focus and distraction control, imagery and realistic performance evaluation

  • Assess your current strengths and weaknesses and incorporate this into your Professional Action Plan

  • Practise, tweak and apply skills and behaviours in different ‘blends’ to help you make the most of the learning opportunities in your environment

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