Module 1 Competition Craft with Greg Houghton and Steph Tibbert

Effective training for success (periodisation and goal setting)

Delivering performances close to, or beyond, your capabilities in competition do not happen by accident, instead they are the result of a carefully planned, well-structured training programme.

This tutorial will incorporate lessons from high performing sport and introduce strategies to structure your training around key themes to maximise skill development. This includes how you can take ownership of your own training to complement the work of your training manager, identifying training needs and building a programme around key milestones to ensure you peak at competition.

Usain Bolt video mentioned in the tutorial above.

Module 2 Health and Wellbeing with Karl Bartlett

Time Management

In this tutorial you will learn skills and strategies to help you plan and manage your time effectively. This will include revisiting situations and examples within your day-to-day life to make the most of the time you have available for training.

The session will build on the principles developed in the first session. Time management strategies can then be incorporated into your short and long-term training plan.

Module 3 Mindset with Elliot Newell

Training using imagery

The idea of purposeful imagery was first introduced in competition craft when squad members were encouraged to practice imaging basic scenarios, enhancing vividness, control and using as many of the senses as possible (visual – seeing, auditory – hearing, kinaesthetic – feel of the body, gustatory – taste, tactile – touch, and olfactory – smell). Effective imagery can support practical training, but when hands-on training is not possible, imagery can become even more useful.

In this session, competitors will be supported to put their imagery skills into practice. Competitors can learn to incorporate imagery training within their training plan to enhance remote training.

Module 4 Competition Craft with Greg and Steph


Athletes, coaches, and researchers have long understood that self-confidence is associated with successful performance. Feeling self-confident can make you feel unstoppable, but confidence is fragile. The good news about self-confidence is that it is different for everyone and can be developed at any stage in life.

In this webinar, we will look at what self-confidence means when self-confidence can be useful, and introduce strategies that can start to build your self-confidence.

Module 5 Health and Wellbeing with Karl Bartlett

Building healthy habits at home

Although you are now well on your way to becoming a healthier individual, at times it is difficult to maintain those healthy habits. In this webinar, we will develop your skills at maintaining healthy habits in the home environment. Please come to this webinar prepared!

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Module 6 Mindset with Elliot Newell

Building and understanding motivation

During this period when we are starting to return to work and restart our social life, it is important to remember why you are on this WorldSkills journey. Understanding where our motivation comes from can help you to continue your journey when you are facing difficult situations.

In this webinar, we will introduce the concept of motivation, relate it to extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, and how we can use your specific motivation to help you excel in your journey.

Summer series close with Greg Houghton

A message from Haydn Jakes, Gold medal winner at WorldSkills Kazan

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