Engineer, bricklayer, beauty therapist, accountant, the list of potential jobs to do goes on and on:  with so many careers on offer to today’s young people, the choice of which to pursue can be bewildering.  To help clear the route to the ideal job, WorldSkills UK has linked up with educational provider SACU to create a unique test for visitors to this year’s Skills Show, the WorldSkills UK Careers Cloud.

Visitors to the event, which runs from 17 to 19 November at the NEC Birmingham, will be invited to log onto the organisation’s website before visiting the Show, in order to complete a series of simple multiple choice questions.  The test will then use these responses to create a personalised Careers Cloud, a downloadable graphic representation of careers particularly suited to the individual concerned.  Visitors can then use these suggestions to plot their route to the correct part of the event in which to start their careers search. 

“Choosing the right career is a huge decision, which can be overwhelming for those without a clear idea of the path they want to take,” explains Ben Blackledge, Education Director of WorldSkills UK.  “Our new Careers Cloud tool is quick and simple to use, and provides suggestions about where to start the search for that perfect job.  Visitors to The Skills Show can then use their personalised cloud to plot a route through the event to identify apprenticeships, training courses, or job vacancies relevant to their particular preferences.  Unlike a traditional cloud, the WorldSkills UK Careers Cloud can actually make things clearer in the search for the perfect career!”

By taking the WorldSkills UK Careers Cloud test, each registered visitor will receive:

  • An individual Careers Cloud which provides a focus on those skills or careers to which they are most suited
  • A personalised Apprenticeship cloud which shows all the latest apprenticeship vacancies relevant to the individual
  • A tailored floor plan of the event, highlighting which zones of the show will be of most interest
  • Access to the test at a number of Careers Hubs throughout the show.

The Skills Show is the nation’s largest skills and careers event for young people, covering space the equivalent of nine football pitches.  More than 70,000 young people are expected to attend during the event’s three days.    Visitors are encouraged to find out what they are good at and the opportunities available to them through hands-on experiences and skills competitions.  Independent careers advisers and representatives of some of the UK’s leading companies are available to provide impartial advice and guidance on the best route to take to a fulfilling career, while colleges and training providers from across the country share the opportunities they have available.

And as an additional incentive to visitors, Sign Up Saturday on 19 November will encourage visitors to register their interest in one of thousands of live opportunities, ranging from traineeships to actual job vacancies, available exclusively at the event.

“Choosing the right career is a tough decision,” continues Blackledge, “and our aim for the Careers Cloud is to cut through some of the confusion to ensure that our visitors have a clear vision for where their future careers journey will start.”

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