The Department of Education has announced that it has given approval to the Floristry Trailblazer Group to develop an all-new apprenticeship standard for floristry, replacing the existing standards.

The Floristry Trailblazer Group is chaired by Sandie Griffiths of Jemini Flowers Oxford and who in her role as a Director of the British Florist Association is responsible for running the WorldSkills UK Floristry Competitions.

Sandie said: “The Trailblazer is a really exciting development because its putting training into the employers’ hands. One thing we hear all the time at the British Florist Association, where I chair the Education and Training Committee, is that students coming out of college are not quick enough for commercial work. With the Trailblazer apprenticeship, florists will be trained on the bench with an additional 20% college training. The Trailblazer apprenticeships are giving back control to the employers.”

The Floristry Trailblazer Group is keen to consult as widely as possible to ensure that the new apprenticeship meets employers’ needs.

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