Raisa was recently awarded the Rising Star award – sponsored by Coca-Cola European Partners – at the Diversity and Inclusion Heroes Awards hosted in November. 

Raisa is currently a second year Mechatronics Maintenance Apprentice at Jaguar Land Rover and is studying with Make UK.

While undertaking her apprenticeship, Raisa volunteered to conduct tours of the engineering facilities for potential students, parents, clients and dignitaries, displaying an excellent knowledge of engineering practices. She also became involved with the organisation’s ‘Women in the Know’ initiative, conducting workshops and presentations to potential female engineers.

As a female Asian apprentice Raisa is a fantastic role model. Young people who meet Raisa are really inspired, particularly Asian females who may never considered manufacturing, engineering or an apprenticeship route before.

In June 2019, Raisa was announced as a WES (Women’s Engineering Society) 2019, Top 50 women in Engineering: current and former apprentices.

Reacting to this honour, Raisa said:

I realised I was only one of three Asian females in the top 50. I am proud to be a female apprentice, only nine per cent of engineering apprentices are female. But I am even prouder to be an Asian female apprentice.

She was also recently Highly Commended at the Asian Apprenticeship Awards.

Raisa has used her success to try to make a difference, giving up more time to support raising awareness of females and Asian females in engineering.

Speaking about her passion for being a role model for others, Raisa said:

“I can see a great future as an engineer and I enjoy going to work every day. My job is exciting, competitive, rewarding and more Asian girls need to join me to help create a multi-skilled workforce and change the face of the industry to be inclusive and diverse.

“Growing up I wasn’t informed at school about apprenticeships or engineering. Fortunately my brother made me aware of it, but even then I doubted it was something I could do.

“The country needs more engineers and I have a vision of making this possible for more Asian females.”

Congratulations to Raisa for her award!

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