Today we launch of the annual WorldSkills UK National Finals Competitions. Over the next two weeks (9-19 November) 400 students and apprentices from 64 different skills will battle it out in 22 locations covering all nations of the UK, in their quest to be named champions and winners of coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.

The National Finals are the culmination of approximately two years of intensive training through colleges, workplaces and a series of WorldSkills UK ‘bootcamps’ where our highly experienced training managers coach not only for technical skills to meet international benchmarking standards unique to us, but for the softer skills such as creativity, self-confidence, resilience and self-performance management which employers tell us they value.

The challenges in competing are considerable as tasks are undertaken in pressured workplace conditions and competitors bring together technical aptitude with speed and accuracy under the watchful eyes of our expert judges.

Female tiling competitor cutting tiles

Those who are successful at the National Finals have the opportunity of being selected for Squad UK and the possibility of being chosen for Team UK and the chance to represent their country and skill in international competition at WorldSkills Lyon, France, in 2023.

This is just so important – we need hundreds of thousands to follow in these young people’s footsteps. I can’t wait to reveal the results – but the real winner is the UK.

National Finals Celebration host Steph McGovern
Steph McGivern in Packed Lunch studio

Competitors aren’t the only ones who have advantages as a result of the unique training programmes and competitions, employers too benefit as engaged employees with aspirations to do well in their careers make excellent role models for their peers in the workforce and can have a real impact on performance levels. It is dedicated young professionals like these who will help to create a highly-skilled workforce so businesses perform more effectively locally and internationally and much-needed inward investment is attracted to the UK as we develop into a skills-driven economy.

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