The Association of Apprentices is a UK-wide membership organisation that aims to support apprentices by creating a community that helps them maximize their potential. It was founded late last year and is working with partners such as the BBC, Babington and NCFE to launch their pilot early next year.

The Association will be open to all apprentices across the UK and will provide support, information and guidance beyond what may be received from employers and/or training providers.

As well as being for apprentices, they want the Association to be by apprentices. The Association wants it work to be guided by apprentices themselves to ensure that it really does meet apprentices’ needs. To help achieve this they are recruiting an Apprentice Council that will have direct strategic input into the Association’s development.

This is an opportunity open to all apprentices regardless of level, sector, location or age and regardless of how far along they might be in their career. They would like to hear from any apprentices who are interested in joining, no matter whether they are a week into their first Level 2 apprenticeship or have recently completed a L7 apprenticeship.

How to apply

If you have a few hours to spare each month and would like to help then please learn more in this information sheet and complete this application form.

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