The purpose of this workstream is to define, establish and deliver the world class teacher training programme delivered the Centre of Excellence 2.0.

This workstream will incorporate the three strands of the teacher training offer: pedagogical development, skill specific technical masterclasses and mindset development and will include both educator and learner focussed delivery strands.

In addition, this workstream will work in partnership with Workstream A (Operating Plan) to support in the development of the overall delivery timetable and specific evaluation activity.

Laura Leong working as part of the Centre of Excellence

Throughout the duration of this work-stream key activities to be completed include:


  • intelligence gathering through stakeholder focus groups to support delivery content and methodology
  • review and redevelopment of existing content and associated materials
  • development of new delivery content and materials to support the needs of stakeholders
  • development of and review of schedule of content delivery – to cover all areas of delivery (Pedagogy / High Level Technical Skills Training / Learner Mindset)
  • identification of evaluation needs – to support workstream A and future developments of the programme
  • quality assurance activity to establish relevant endorsement of content
  • define requirements associated to recognition of engagement and the processes required to award credentials where appropriate

As a result of the key activities outlined above, it is planned that the deliverables below will be achieved by August 2024:

  • Timeline of content delivery for all levels established, promoted and managed

  • Hybrid delivery of competence to excellence / competition pedagogy and mindset development delivered to educators and learners

  • Evaluation framework in place and active to meet the needs of Workstream A

  • Accreditation/Digital Credentials issued to relevant educators and learners meeting the required levels of engagement

Delivery Models

All aspects of the programme will be delivered through a hybrid model of in-person events and online delivery. Registration for all activities will be carried out through the WSUK Learning Lab platform.

  • Pedagogical training will take place via online and in person workshops, facilitated by the High-Performance Coach team
  • Learner mindset development programmes will be delivered through a combination of online workshops and in person events hosted regionally, delivered via a network of specialist trainers
  • High Level Technical Skills Training will be delivered through a variety of hybrid methods, run in conjunction with a series of industry partners, covering priority skill areas

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