The Developing Skills Excellence is an exclusive continuous professional development (CPD) programme delivered to institutions who apply to join the pilot, leading to August 2023 we will have delivered the learning to over 40 institutions and 200+ educators.

The CPD is designed to transform the quality of teaching, training  and assessment embedding world-class practices and techniques.  The Developing Skills Excellence CPD is endorsed by NCFE and consists of three modules.

The programme involves institutions being assigned to a High-Performance Skills Coach who coach and mentor teaching staff to receive training, equipping educators with a range of skills, practices, and methods to embed excellence into teaching practice.

I feel more confident with my teaching, learning and assessment approaches. I have enjoyed the discussions with other Colleges who teach different subjects and collaborating together. I am enjoying the training more and more each week and I feel this training stretches you as a Tutor, moulding you into an even better more efficient Teacher. The support which we receive is excellent and I would recommend others to complete this training.

Heather Ferguson, Middlesbrough College

Being part of the world skills excellence programme is an honour. I am working alongside a brilliant team with an amazing mentor Frazer Minskip. Every session is so insightful and extremely engaging. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions and it feels like I am doing this training programme for myself rather than my establishment. It has certainly highlighted areas where I would like to further develop my skills. The support offered is brilliant and I am really enjoying the resources

Katie Asgari, RNN Group

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