Following the launch of our new ‘Skill with me’ masterclasses as part of our new digital suite of resources, International Competitions Manager Chris Herron explains how these masterclasses help to share our world-class insights we have gained from international WorldSkills competitions.

As an organisation, we want to drive an improvement in technical standards across the UK skills system, but how do we achieve this?

One way is by passing on to thousands of young people each year the world-class insights we have gained from international WorldSkills competitions, otherwise known as the ‘Skills Olympics’.

We often refer to the ‘world-class standards of excellence’ in WorldSkills International Competitions, but what does this really mean? Our benchmark for reaching a world-class standard is achieving a medallion of excellence in a skill and at WorldSkills Kazan 2019, our team brought back 19 medals. 

As part of our five-point plan in response to COVID-19, we have recently produced a series of technical skill and mindset masterclasses from WorldSkills UK’s experts designed to give educators access to world-class skills development to support the development of their students and apprentices. ‘Skill with me’ is a series of tutorials delivered by our world-class training managers and performance and wellbeing team.

Through the ‘Skill with me’ series of technical and mindset digital masterclasses designed for educators and young people, we hope to demonstrate some of this learning in a simple and digestible format:

Technical series
These tutorials demonstrate world-class techniques, practices and technology in developing excellence in young people.

Our Training Managers describe what excellence looks like in a skill / trade and then break it down against a given / specific task to showcase what it takes to move from competence to excellence against the world-class standards.

Mindset series
These tutorials demonstrate techniques and practises to equip young people with the skills to succeed in work and life.

Our Performance and Wellbeing team introduce strategies and techniques to help young people perform in the upper range of their capabilities, adopting principles for sport psychology as the winning formula for a high-performance mindset.

We launched our first set of tutorials in early June and will be developing more over the coming months – watch this space!

Whether its learning soldering techniques for fine jewellery making, or improving your mindset with advice on goal setting or nutrition, we are giving you the world-class technical tools and mindset focus needed to succeed in work and life.

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