“I love bouldering and brunching. Scrambled eggs and solving problems, that’s my life.

We love scrambled eggs too, but that’s not why we asked Kieran Miles to join us at The Skills Show on our Spotlight On…Top Influencers Stage this year – we asked him because he is a huge inspiration!

Kieran Miles, 26, is the Director at KakeCo, a communications company that he founded which supports businesses wanting to stay relevant in the digital age. The founder of #DigitalCity; a platform supporting young people into local careers, and an Associate Fellow of The Royal Commonwealth Society, Kieran started his first business whilst at school and continued his entrepreneurial focus well after leaving college. He talks about having that entrepreneurial and outgoing outlook from a young age:

 “At school I was the kid selling sweets, in college I was throwing the parties and when I didn’t go to uni, I was the one setting up a business and getting my hustle on.”

This proactive energy took him very quickly to new heights – by the age of 22 he had launched a national student media venture which combined education and entertainment. LIVE created a multi-media platform which linked over 280 universities, enabling students to produce content and share it not only with each other but also with tutors around the world.

“Nowadays I run a management consultancy which helps brands to stay relevant and a bouldering adventure brand which is disrupting the adventurewear space.”

Kieran will be sharing his tips on success at 11am on Friday the 17th November on the ‘Spotlight on…Top Influencers’ stage at The Skills Show 2017. The idea of the stage is to hear from real people doing real jobs, and to be inspired by how they got where they are – through apprenticeships or working their way up.

“My session is really about the creating the right environment for success. This means hanging around with the right people, going to the right places and setting yourself up every day to make the most of every situation”

We are really excited to have Kieran join us at the show this year, and delighted that he is going to bring such a positive energy to an already buzzing show.

“The Skills Show will be an incredible event to take part in! Vocational skills can provide fantastic, global, opportunities to work on amazing projects in amazing places with amazing people. The Skills Show brings together the excitement of competition and the credibility of big named employers to help inspire young people and bring out their best.”

Miles is a fantastic example of the power that creativity and perseverance have in creating a hugely successful business, and proof that you don’t have to go to university to work out your ambitions (oh, and earn a bit of money – Kieran’s talk is titled “Cash Giveaway! £86,400 up for grabs”!!).

Hear Kieran speak at The Skills Show 2017 – Book your free ticket now!

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