Hannah Payne completed her Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship at WorldSkills UK last year and has joined The Association of Apprentices, Apprentice Council. She explains why she decided to join and what she will bring to the role:

I support and co-ordinate the WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence programme in partnership with NCFE the awards body. This is a workforce development pilot to transfer insights from global skills systems and world-class practices to equip educators across technical and vocational education and training (TVET). It supports them with the knowledge and skills to embed international best practice to advance technical teaching, training, and assessment into curriculum planning and delivery.

The Association of Apprentices is a UK-wide organisation creating a community led by apprentices, for apprentices, to provide professional development, networking opportunities, and career guidance. Through the Apprentice Council, the Association hopes to support apprentices of all ages, in all sectors and regions who are currently on an apprenticeship or who have recently completed their programme. This is to help them progress and improve the quality of their experience, enabling them to fulfil their potential and excel in their career. I have been appointed to the Apprentice Council to ensure it meets apprentice needs. I’m excited to have become a member of the Council as I truly believe that this is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference and support others. I will get support too through this well community of likeminded professionals I can draw and learn from, when I need guidance or mentorship.

I always value those who share their experiences in order to help other people and if there is an opportunity for me to use my experience to potentially support future, present and past apprentices then what a great a way for me to do so!

Working for WorldSkills UK has also had an impact on my decision to join. WorldSkills UK uses international best practice to raise standards in apprenticeships and technical education so more young people and employers succeed. I want to contribute towards this agenda outside of my organisation as well as within my job role to inspire more people to take up apprenticeships and also make certain that those who are already on their journey have other people they can relate to.

I’ve worked across different teams and departments at WorldSkills UK along with supporting groups of young people representing the UK in WorldSkills, the ‘skills olympics’ in Hungary and Russia. I’ve also worked with an international network and partners from all over the world which has given me insights into different experiences, cultures and approaches. It’s provided me with the knowledge to contribute towards and guide decisions about the Association’s strategy and focus.

I am a positive individual and have most definitely gone through many challenges. I am open to share the struggles I have faced and how I have overcome these, if this is something that could potentially help someone overcome theirs.

I have gained a lot of experience from my apprenticeship which has given me the confidence to join the council and I plan to use my knowledge and expertise to benefit others because everyone’s journey is different.

Following an extremely difficult year, I think it is also a great opportunity for me to be able to socially interact with others and meet new people, especially those from different backgrounds and industry sectors who I may not have the opportunity to meet without being a part of the Apprentice Council.

I am so grateful to be expanding my community of peers and look forward to the exciting opportunities and events that come with being part of this amazing and well-established community.

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