Vicky Parting, Education and Development Manager, explains how our popular Careers Advice Toolkit is helping young people with employability skills and information during the coronavirus pandemic and the important new lesson that’s just been added.

The need for easy to access careers advice

Here at WorldSkills UK we appreciate that there is a huge appetite from teachers and careers advisers for easy to access and simple to use careers resources for young people aged 14+. There is a wealth of information out there, but to have it in one place in an easy to digest series would be an incredibly helpful resource. This is what we have created in The Careers Advice Toolkit, ensuring that it can be used by anyone to teach in an online way, or through self learning at home. It has already been downloaded by over 1,750 schools, careers advisers, students and parents, and as we continually develop it, we know it will engage with and support thousands more young people in their skills and career journeys.

The Careers Advice Toolkit

Our digital Careers Advice Toolkit is a guide to supporting young people with employability skills and careers information. Mapped against the Careers Development Institute, Skills builder and Gatsby Benchmark Frameworks, the toolkit empowers young people to identify their own skills, learn how to apply them, and explore the excellence within technical and apprenticeship career pathways. With inspiring bitesize content, the toolkit is perfectly placed to be used flexibly to support independent online learning, as well as any careers curriculum – delivered in the virtual classroom or used by the student in their own time.

The lessons can be delivered as stand-alone pieces of content or as a whole career curriculum with video’s, quizzes and engaging activities to support the learner along their career journey.

Some of the lessons that are available include:
• Thinking about your future
• Building skills for life and work
• Understanding Apprenticeships, Educational and Technical Pathways
• Preparing your CV


The latest piece of content that has just been added is a lesson on wellbeing. We recognise that young people are reported to be struggling with the social isolation more than any other age group during the pandemic, and that this can affect people’s mental wellbeing, which tends to have knock-on effects for the decisions people make relating to their future plans. This lesson addresses the topic of mental and physical wellbeing, and stresses the need for both to be nurtured. It contains a video with tips on how to stay positive, motivated and talks about how to increase your mental resilience when faced with setbacks and shifting scenarios.

As with all the other lessons in the toolkit, it also signposts to specialist information that is available to help young people with these topics.

The toolkit is completely free to use, and we are continually updating with new exciting lessons and content – so make the most of this great resource and download today!

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