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Best Practice Exchange

We hosted a best practice exchange with international experts and educators to transfer global best practice and champion higher quality training standards within the UK.


Key learnings

To succeed, students need to have a willingness to learn and a growth mindset. Motivation and the ability to self-learn is key. The integration of new T levels and NVQs will help shape the workforce in a different way and Sau Man Li (Health and Social Competition Organising Partner) noted that the industry is becoming more aligned by integrating apprenticeships

The key attributes required for a successful career in health and social care are compassion and a strong growth mindset due to the challenging and ever-changing environment. The experts agreed that the way this skill’s training is delivered is becoming more aligned with sector requirements by the integration of new standards and the increased interest in hearing from those in industry. There is room for further development however and this will take time.

All experts noted that employers look for compassion and commitment in new employees to the industry. Respect is a priority, then the technical skills. New recruits must have good communication skills due to the nature of the role. Nikita reflected that despite choosing this industry for the wrong reasons, she soon realised that this was the industry for her and that she had a genuine passion for her role. Janet noted that role models and strong leaders are key to engage the future pipeline into this industry. Inductions and pressure tests are now being incorporated into interviews which will support a more effective recruitment process and deliver higher skill standards

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