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Best Practice Exchange

We hosted a best practice exchange with international experts and educators to transfer global best practice and champion higher quality training standards within the UK.

Watch the Best Practice Exchange in full.

Key learnings

As a training manager, it is vital to be aware of trends in styling and the WS occupational standards and identify areas of focus. There are variations in everyday practices in each country therefore its key to ensure that competitors are trained in all areas required for the competition. Consistent training and practice is key and using a wide network of trainers to support all skill areas and to keep a focus on the confidence and mindset of competitors

The main focus on training is being consistent. We need to ensure the squad have the resources and training materials available throughout. Identifying areas of weaknesses and addressing these throughout the cycle. In the UK, hairdressing and barbering are now 2 different qualifications and students will opt for one progression pathway so a broader area of skills set is required

Embedding WS standards into curriculum

Virtual International Pressure Test

The Hairdressing Virtual International Pressure Test between the UK and Hong Kong was an opportunity for young people and experts preparing for international competitions to collaboratively train or compete alongside each other, demonstrating best practice and benchmarking their technical skills in a pressurised environment. The Virtual International Pressure Tests provides a great opportunity for colleagues across WorldSkills national organisations to join us in the pursuit in developing skills excellence in young people and mobilising your Experts and Competitors to collaboratively train and compete with us and others across the range of skills we will showcase virtually to March 2022.

Countries that took part

Details of the Virtual International Pressure Test

The Hairdressing Virtual International Pressure test consisted of four modules. Each style would test their technical knowledge under a time pressured environment whilst competing against an international counterpart. This enabled the training manager to benchmark their skills and gain a better understanding of each squad members current ability. The pressure test was three days in total.


Illustration of Gold Medal

Erica Czerny


Illustration of a silver medal

Ellie Mumby


Illustration of a bronze medal

Ka Ho Lee

Hong Kong

WorldSkills Occupational Standards

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