Best Practice Exchange

We hosted a best practice exchange with international experts and educators to transfer global best practice and champion higher quality training standards within the UK.

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Key learnings

Employees are required to have strong, basic practical skills and the ability and willingness to develop these skills in the workplace. Employers are aware that due to the pandemic, newly qualified learners will now have experienced a large amount of remote learning which will have impacted their practical skill set and additional training will be required to fill the gap. Our experts feel that new employees need to demonstrate adaptability and efficiency and this is best identified in a face to face, practical learning environment.

The UK Training Manager will plan learning according to the curriculum and then adapt to incorporate the WorldSkills standards to ensure learners are stretched to deliver to a high standard. This delivery is supported by working with the latest technical equipment and it is key to embed the WorldSkills culture at an early stage to give the learners a focus and establish an expectation of high standards.

Pressure tests have provided many learning opportunities and has allowed tutors to benchmark their competitors with international standards and the competitors have been able to gauge their own skill level. It has provided a platform from which nations, with their skill specialism in common, can support each other as a team in a challenging environment and has successfully provided a sense of community. The way of learning and training has changed, the demand for travel has reduced and remote learning saves both time and money, making opportunities to train and compete more accessible for all.

Virtual International Pressure Test

The Electronics Virtual International Pressure Test between the UK and Brazil was an opportunity for young people and experts preparing for international competitions to collaboratively train or compete alongside each other, demonstrating best practice and benchmarking their technical skills in a pressurised environment. The Virtual International Pressure Tests provides a great opportunity for colleagues across WorldSkills national organisations to join us in the pursuit in developing skills excellence in young people and mobilising your Experts and Competitors to collaboratively train and compete with us and others across the range of skills we will showcase virtually to March 2022.

Countries that took part

The Electronics Virtual International Pressure test involved one project with two phrases where competitors were given a schematic to convert to Autodesk Eagle. Using Velleman EDU09 followed by competitors creating a printed circuit board from the schematic.

The pressure test was to be completed within 120 hours.

Details of the Virtual International Pressure Test

Competitors to be given a schematic to convert to Autodesk Eagle. Using Velleman EDU09

Competitors to create a printed circuit board from the schematic.

This can then be manufactured and used for a future event.

  • Using WSSS for PCB manufacture, create a printed circuit board.
  • Provide all Gerber files. (drill.xln, copper_top.gbr, copper_bottom.gbr, profile.gbr)
  • Hand in Gerber files in preparation for manufacturing of the printed circuit board.


Illustration of Gold Medal

Liam Hughes

United Kingdom

Illustration of a silver medal

Rhys Watts

United Kingdom

Illustration of a bronze medal

Camilla dos Santos


It was a good experience to complete against other countries and find out our different strengths and weaknesses.

Liam Hughes, United Kingdom Gold medal winner

I really value taking part in the international pressure tests, it was great to cover every aspect in this one especially

Rhys Watts, United Kingdom Silver medal winner

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