We hosted a best practice exchange with international experts and educators to transfer global best practice and champion higher quality training standards within the UK.

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Key learnings from the Best Practice Exchange

Digital forensics, incident management and investigations, penetration testing and implementing secure systems and architecture

Organisations must provide more hands on experience supported by training and mentorship. We need to strive to achieve higher standards by learning from and sharing best practice with other countries and championing the development of excellence as opposed to competence within learners

We need to develop our quality assurance procedures to deliver training in line with employer and sector needs. Further support is needed for training providers to deliver this training in line with employer and sector needs.  We also need to develop more onsite UK based courses and masterclasses for existing and new trainers to ensure we stay relevant and up to date with he changing requirements of Cyber Security.

Virtual International Pressure Test

The competition was designed to reflect international best practice as described in the WorldSkills Occupational Standard for Cyber Security. The Test Project and Marking Scheme assessed only those skills that are set out in the Standards Specification.  The competition consisted of three days with one familiarization day in line with international competition format.  It was delivered 100% as a remote format using a suitable virtual environment to give participants the opportunity to understand, learn and analyse different kinds of Attack and Defence techniques in Cyber Security.

Countries that took part

This Competition is a Team Competition consisting of two team members per country.  Russia had two teams taking part. (q4 competitors took part in total – 7 teams.

The Competition was run fully virtually in the cloud using GCP, CTFd, VMWare ESXi, EVE – NG

Real time, objective automatic marking (Full/partial) was used where possible.

Details of the Virtual International Pressure Test


Digital Forensics, Reverse engineering, Web exploitation, Steganography, Cryptanalysis, Pen testing, APT, Data loss prevention etc

Secure systems design and creation, Secure systems operation and maintenance, Secure systems protection and defence, Operations and Management

Intelligence collection and analysis & Investigation and Digital Forensics


Illustration of Gold Medal

Seul Lee and Jiyhe Jegal

South Korea

Illustration of a silver medal

Zhang Bo & Feng Wentao


Illustration of a bronze medal

Oleg Khabarov & Evgeny Parygin

Russian federation

Thank you so much for putting on this event and giving us the opportunity to participate. We hope that we will be able to continue these communications and compete again together.

South Korean competitor

I do believe this medium will be used for competitions both nationally and internationally in the future, particularly for digital skills. We would definitely like to host further Virtual International Pressure tests in the future.

Suresh Kumar – WorldSkills UK Training Manager

WorldSkills Occupational Standards

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