Ben Hay

Ben Hay is a 19-year-old bike mechanic with a passion for CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and Mechanical Engineering. He currently works at WeCycle, having completed his studies at St. David’s College, Wales.

While Benjamin’s journey to qualification did not involve an apprenticeship, his commitment to learning and refining his CAD skills remains resolute. His ambition lies in designing bike frames, with international competitions serving as pivotal pillars in bolstering his future career objectives. These competitive experiences have widened his horizons, pushing his limits, and nurturing the proficiencies essential for him to leave an indelible imprint in the arena of bike frame design.

Amidst his professional endeavors, Benjamin’s heart beats for mountain biking and trail creation. During his leisure hours, he immerses himself in the exhilaration of mountain biking, exploring trails, and constructing new pathways. The occasional race injects an extra surge of adrenaline into his already thrilling escapades.

Accompany Benjamin on this enthralling expedition as he seamlessly merges his prodigious CAD skills with the finesse of bike mechanics, fashioning innovative designs and delivering unparalleled performance for the delight of every cycling enthusiast.


Harry Scolding

Solihull College

Harry Scolding is a 20-year-old joinery expert, proud to be a part of both HDS Joinery and Team UK for the upcoming euroskills 2023 competition in Gdansk. From a young age, Jason has had an unwavering passion for creating and building things, and that passion has led him to a fulfilling career in the world of joinery.

His qualification journey began with an apprenticeship in Level 2 joinery, where he immersed himself in the art of woodworking. As his skills and dedication grew, he progressed to Level 3 with another employer, honing his expertise in the craft.

Harry’s career goals are centred around mastering the art of joinery and showcasing his craftsmanship in various projects. The journey of participating in international competitions has not only allowed him to learn new techniques and skills but have also provided him with valuable exposure to different styles and trends in joinery.

Beyond the workshop, his passion lies in creating things from scratch. As a child, he started by making small projects from cardboard, and his projects grew in complexity as he matured. His backyard shed became his workshop, filled with tools he bought with the money earned from his Saturday job and paper route. Hours spent in the workshop, learning from YouTube videos, crafting wooden signs, cat steps, and even a fully operational semi-automatic rubber band gun, solidified his love for joinery.

In high school, his talent for joinery was recognised by his construction tutor, who encouraged him to explore apprenticeships. Despite the prevailing advice to pursue university, he followed his heart and found himself an apprenticeship at a shop fitting company. The experience was transformative, and he thrived on the real projects and challenges given to him.

Good luck in Poland Harry!

Isaac Bingham

Obins Specialist Joiners, Northern Ireland

Isaac Bingham is a 21-year-old cabinet maker with a passion for crafting furniture who will compete for Team UK in the Cabinet Making competition at euroskills 2023 in Gdansk this September.

Working as a self-employed artisan, Isaac’s woodworking journey has been a rewarding one, fuelled by dedication and a determination to craft pieces that withstand the ages.

Isaac’s path began with an apprenticeship, where he earned Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications in furniture and cabinet making, all of which have paved the way for his role as a skilled master cabinet maker.

Isaac’s participation in international competitions has broadened his horizons, offering a wider array of avenues to explore within the realm of woodworking.

Beyond his craft, Isaac leads an active life. During the week, he enjoys road running and playing football, pursuing these hobbies with the same passion and commitment that he brings to his furniture making.

Good luck Isaac, we’re with you all the way!

Daniel Knox

South West College, Northern Ireland

Daniel Knox is a 21-year-old electrician with a passion for electrical installation. Currently employed at GP Electrical and Security LTD, his journey in the world of electrical work has been an enlightening one, marked by a rigorous apprenticeship and recognition in international competitions. Daniel will represent Team UK at euroskills 2023, which takes place in Gdansk, Poland in September of this year.

Daniel completed a four-year apprenticeship in Electrical Installation, which paved the way for him to become a qualified electrician. This journey has equipped him with the necessary skills and expertise to excel in his role. His participation in international competitions has been instrumental in expanding his knowledge and proficiency in a wide range of smart devices, which are highly relevant in his current job. This experience continuously drives him to become better at what he does and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the industry.

Beyond his professional life, Daniel enjoys spending time with friends.

We wish Daniel the best of luck for September as he continues to spark innovation in the field of electrical installation, creating a brighter future with every connection he makes.

Ben Love

Tameside College / Siemens

Introducing Ben Love, one of Team UK’s Mechatronics competitors for euroskills 2023 in Gdansk this September. 20-year-old Ben is passionate about mechatronics and is currently an apprentice in electrical engineering at Siemens.

Ben’s completed an L3 extended diploma in electrical and electronic engineering and is now taking on an inspiring apprenticeship at Siemens, where he is deepening his understanding and skills in electrical engineering.

Looking forward, Ben’s career ambitions involve taking on a job role that offers hands-on challenges, like Siemens field service. His participation in international competitions has played a pivotal role in his progress, guiding him towards his future career and honing his talents.

Ben once ran an additive manufacturing company, sending 3D-printed parts to clients across the globe, connecting with customers in the USA, UK, and Spain.

Good luck Ben!

Lucy Yelland

Tameside College / Siemens

Lucy Yelland is a 21-year-old engineering degree apprentice, specialising in Mechatronics, and proudly employed by Siemens. Her journey in the world of engineering has been an exciting one, filled with growth, challenges, and numerous achievements. Lucy will be competing for Team UK at the upcoming euroskills 2023 competition in Gdansk, Poland.

After completing A-levels in Maths, Physics, and Geography, she embarked on a remarkable adventure with Siemens. Currently in her second year, Lucy is pursuing a degree in engineering as part of her apprenticeship. Along the way, she has successfully completed her Higher National Certificate (HNC) and is now diligently working towards her Higher National Diploma (HND). In her final year, she’ll be upgrading her HND to a full-fledged degree.

Looking ahead, Lucy hopes to advance through the ranks within Siemens. The journey of participating in international competitions has played a crucial role in supporting her ambitions. These competitions have not only instilled in her the confidence to strive for greatness but have also honed various skills essential for her career growth.

Beyond engineering, Lucy finds joy in spending time with friends and socialising.

We’d like to wish Lucy luck as she continues to shine in the world of mechatronics and engineering, embracing new challenges and achievements at every step.

Charlotte Lloyd

Reds Hair Company

Charlotte is a 19-year-old hairdressing professional currently working at Reds Hair Company. She has a passion for hairdressing which began with an apprenticeship journey that provided her with comprehensive in-salon training. In January 2023, Charlotte proudly qualified as a skilled hairdresser, and her journey in the industry has only just begun.

As for her future career goals, Charlotte is committed to continuous learning and growth within the hairdressing industry. While she hasn’t decided on a specific path yet, the idea of exploring opportunities abroad intrigues her. Charlotte’s journey through international competitions as part of Team UK has played a significant role in her development. It has not only boosted her training but also provided her with invaluable experiences of connecting with fellow professionals from different countries. Stepping out of her comfort sone during this journey has helped her accomplish things she once thought were impossible.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Charlotte has a keen interest in spirituality and meditation. Additionally, she is a firm believer in manifestation and the law of attraction, which have positively impacted various aspects of her life.

Join her on her journey as she continues to explore the world of hairdressing, and wish her luck as she competes at euroskills Gdansk 2023 in the hairdressing competition!

Ruben Duggan

Coleg Y Cymoedd, Wales

Ruben Duggan is a 21-year-old plumbing and heating expert, currently working as a skilled plumber at Powerserv LTD. Ruben will be representing #TeamUK at #euroskills2023 in Gdansk this September, competing in the Plumbing and Heating competition.

Plumbing has been Ruben’s passion since he left school, and he’s been fortunate to embark on a fulfilling journey in the industry. His qualification journey started with a Level 3 apprenticeship, which provided him with valuable hands-on experience and essential skills. Through dedication and hard work, Ruben has honed his craft to deliver top-notch plumbing and heating solutions to clients.

International competitions have played a crucial role in shaping his career. They have not only provided him with invaluable experiences but also opened numerous doors and opportunities in the industry. The thrill of competition and exposure to different plumbing techniques have further fuelled his determination to be the best in what he does.

Beyond the world of pipes and wrenches, Ruben enjoys restoring classic cars, bringing them back to their former glory, a testament to his eye for detail and craftsmanship.

Join us in wishing Ruben luck for #euroskills2023!

Samantha Watkins

Savoy Hotel

Meet Samantha, a 19-year-old culinary enthusiast who works as a commis chef alongside the renowned chef James Sharp. Samantha will represent Team UK in the cooking competition at euroskills 2023 which will take place from 5-9 September in Gdansk, Poland.

Samantha’s culinary journey began at Loughborough College, where she spent two years obtaining her level 2 and 3 catering qualifications.

During her college years, Samantha took part in more than ten competitions, including esteemed events like Nestle Torque Dor, Salon Culinaire, and even a Gordon Ramsay competition. These experiences not only broadened her skills and understanding but also created exciting opportunities. Consequently, Samantha was offered a prestigious role at the iconic Savoy Hotel in the 1890 restaurant, a position granted to her by Gordon Ramsay himself.

Samantha has been working at the Savoy Hotel for seven months, immersing herself in culinary excellence as she continues to advance in the catering field,. She aims to travel and work in various countries like France, Sweden, and Australia, further refining her skills and expertise.

Samantha’s ultimate aspiration is to establish her own business in the hospitality industry, where she can share her creativity and passion with the world.

Good luck Samantha, we all believe in  you!

Daniel Davies

Daniel Davies is a 21-year-old waiter who has a passion for hospitality and will represent Team UK in the Restaurant Service competition at euroskills 2023 in Gdansk this September.

Daniel is currently refining his skills at Yr Hen Printworks, and has achieved many academic accomplishments as well as international recognition.

He accomplished his Level 1-3 in Hospitality and Catering at Cardigan Campus, Coleg Ceredigion, establishing a solid foundation for his career in restaurant service. Since then, Daniel has taken part in an impressive array of competitions that showcase his expertise and  passion for his work.

As he looks to the future, Daniel’s ambitions are to become a successful restaurant owner, and his journey with WorldSkills is set to help him get there. His participation in global competitions has played a pivotal role in shaping his personal and professional growth, helping build the confidence and strong work ethic necessary to excel in restaurant service. His ability to demonstrate his skills and stand among the finest in the UK within his field suggests that his future in the industry is bright.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Daniel regularly visits his local gym and is a keen PC gamer.

We’d like to wish Daniel the best of luck for the upcoming competition.

Rhydian Brown

Meet 19-year-old Rhydian Brown, rising star in web technologies and Team UK’s Web Development competitor for #euroskills2023 in Gdansk, Poland this September.

Rhydian is a computer science undergrad with a passion for web technologies, is currently pursuing his aspirations at Cardiff University, where he’s determined to excel.

From an early age, Rhydian has had a keen interest in computers and technology which has grown further since becoming a computer Science undergrad. He aims to do the best he can at university, and then have an impact on the wider world of the web, supported through participation in global competitions like euroskills 2023.

Outside of his degree, Rhydian has a personal interest in all things computers and technology which he plans to incorporate with his academic learnings to forge the best possible career path.

Alex Whitemore


Alex Whitemore is a 21-year-old CNC Machinist with a passion for precision and a love for adventure, currently working at Babcock International. Alex will represent Team UK at euroskills 2023 in the CNC Milling competition.

Alex’s qualification journey began with a 4-year apprenticeship, where he honed his skills and gained the relevant qualifications. During this time, he discovered the world of national competitions, which provided an incredible platform for growth and learning. After disappointment after his first attempt in 2021, he persevered and came back stronger, securing the 2nd position in the following year’s finals. This achievement earned him a spot in Squad UK, and the experience has been invaluable in shaping his future career.

Looking ahead, Alex’s career goals revolve around continuous improvement and progress within his profession. He aims to enhance his general skills and expertise in CNC Milling, always staying at the forefront of technological advancements. The competition journey has been instrumental in his growth. It has exposed him to new software and equipment, taught him how to thrive in high-pressure environments, and equipped him with the ability to handle diverse experiences and situations.

Beyond CNC Machining, Alex is a national-level cross country mountain biker, traveling across the country to compete where he also challenges himself to reach new heights.

Isabelle Barron

Chapman Taylor

Isabelle Barron is a 22-year-old architectural technologist with a passion for digital construction. Currently employed at Chapman Taylor, her journey in the world of architecture and technology has been an exciting one, marked by academic achievements and international recognition. Isabelle is a proud member of Team UK, competing at this year’s euroskills competition in Gdansk, Poland.

After completing A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Product Design, she pursued a BSc (Hons) degree in Architectural Technology at Sheffield Hallam University. Shortly after graduating, Isabelle embarked on her professional career as an architectural technologist.

Isabelle’s career goals revolve around continuous growth and advancement in the field of digital construction, aiming to become a Chartered Architectural Technologist. Her participation in international competitions has been instrumental in supporting these ambitions.

Beyond her professional life, Isabelle is an avid reader and finds that getting lost in a captivating story is a wonderful way for her to take a break, and reset during training or competitions.

Good luck for September Isabelle!

Michael Crilley

Gloucestershire Engineering Training

Michael Crilley is a 20-year-old industrial electronics enthusiast currently working as a Maintenance Apprentice at Customade Group. He will represent #Team UK in the Electronics Prototyping competition at #euroskills2023 in Gdansk this September.

Michael is currently in his second year of an apprenticeship, where he is working towards obtaining a Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering as a Mechanical Maintenance Technician. This apprenticeship has opened doors to valuable knowledge and training, providing him with hands-on experience in the world of industrial electronics.

His ambition is to complete his apprenticeship successfully, pursue further education, and ultimately make his mark in the electronics industry. The journey so far has equipped him with vital skills and expertise, and he’s eager to contribute his knowledge and enthusiasm to the field of work.

Outside of electronics, Michael leads an active lifestyle with a strong focus on fitness. You’ll often find him at the gym, where he enjoys challenging himself physically and mentally. Additionally, he plays tennis and darts.

Join us in wishing Michael all the luck in the world as he takes on Europe’s best in Poland later this year!

Charlie Carson

Northern Regional College, Northern Ireland

Charlie Carson is a 20-year-old university student with a passion for robot system integration. Currently, he’s enrolled at the University of Ulster, where he’s pursuing his dreams of becoming a skilled manufacturing engineer. In September 2023 he will compete at euroskills 2023 in the robot system integration competition for Team UK.

Charlie’s qualification journey has been a fulfilling one, starting with a Btec Level 3 in Engineering. He then went on to do a foundation degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. This academic journey has equipped him with a diverse set of skills, from general transferable skills to specialised knowledge in the engineering domain. Each step has instilled in him the confidence to pursue his future career with passion and dedication.

Charlie’s career goal is to become a manufacturing engineer, a role that will allow him to explore his passion for robotics and integration. His international competitions journey has been a transformative experience, providing him with a wealth of skills that are applicable to any job. In addition, the competitions have given him invaluable exposure to the engineering world and have boosted his self-assurance.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Charlie is a keen surfer, which reflects his adventurous spirit and love for trying new things.

Jason Scott

Northern Regional College, Northern Ireland

Jason Scott is a 21-year-old Mechatronic Engineer with a deep passion for Robotic Systems Integration who will represent Team UK at the upcoming euroskills competitions in Gdansk. Currently, he works at AES Global, where he’s exploring the fascinating world of robotics and automation.

His qualification journey began with a BTEC Level 3 qualification in engineering at Northern Regional College followed by a foundation degree in electrical engineering at the same college, where he was introduced to the world of WorldSkills competitions. This exposure ignited a fire within him to push the boundaries of automation and robotics.

Jason hopes to embark upon a career collaborating with companies to lead the charge in automation. He is determined to explore how robots can seamlessly integrate into production lines, automating tasks that were once considered difficult or impossible for traditional automation methods. His participation in WorldSkills competitions has been a transformative experience. They have allowed him to learn and understand the true potential of robots in revolutionising industries and optimising efficiency.

Beyond the world of robotics, Jason works with and repairs ocean surveying drones in Denmark for a friend’s company. We hope his exciting journey with WorldSkills exploring the limitless possibilities of robotics and automation, can compete with his adventures into the depths of the ocean with surveillance drones.

Miguel Harvey

Miguel Harvey has had to withdraw from the EuroSkills Competition, due to unforeseen circumstances. He remains part of Squad UK for Lyon 2024.

Steer Automotive Group

Meet Miguel Harvey, a 20-year-old paint technician at Steer Automotive who will represent Team UK at euroskills 2023 in Gdansk, Poland in the car painting competition this September. Miguel is passionate about the art of car painting and is dedicated to improving his skills in this creative field.

Miguel is currently working on his NVQ Level 3, which is helping him become even more skilled and knowledgeable. His ultimate career goal is to take on custom projects. Participating in international competitions has boosted Miguel’s confidence, expanded his abilities, and enhanced the quality of his work. These competitions have played a big part in his growth and progress.

Aside from his artistic talents, Miguel enjoys connecting with new people in social settings. He leads an active lifestyle and is always eager to learn new skills.

Dior Regan

Lincoln College

Meet Dior Regan, an 18-year-old painting and decorating expert, known for turning ordinary spaces into captivating artworks. Dior will represent Team UK at euroskills 2023 this September in the painting and decorating competitions.

Dior is currently an apprentice at the Lindum Group, where she is perfecting her skills. Driven by a vision of creating her own business someday, Dior is motivated to inspire and train young individuals in the art of decorating. Her goal is to showcase the opportunities that her career path offers, including participation in WorldSkills competitions.

Dior’s work is also her hobby as she gets a great deal of job infusing life and creativity into various spaces. Apart from her professional life, Dior enjoys baking, cooking, shopping, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Tyler Lewis

HCUC (Harrow, Richmond & Uxbridge Colleges

Meet Tyler, a 20-year-old IT Support Analyst and network system administrator who has a passion for tech. Tyler’s current workplace is Haydon School, where his journey as a skilled network system administrator began. This September, Tyler will compete for Team UK at euroskills 2023 in the ICT Specialists team competition.

Tyler’s career path took an exciting turn when he embarked upon an apprenticeship, learning alongside his employer and college. This has been incredibly valuable to him, molding his skills and knowledge in the IT support domain.

A pivotal moment in Tyler’s journey occurred when his college nominated him for the national WorldSkills competition where he  won the gold medal in his skill category. With encouragement from his college and employer, he’s now getting ready for euroskills.

Tyler’s career goals are to secure a stable, well-paying job, using the experience gained from his apprenticeship and the rigorous training provided by WorldSkills UK. These international competitions have played a significant role in enhancing his skill set and boosting his confidence to excel in his chosen field.

Nathan Patrick

New College Lanarkshire, Scotland

Full list of competitors


Skill Name Organisation
Mechanical Engineering CAD Ben Hay St. David’s College, Wales
Joinery Harry Scolding Solihull College
Cabinet Making Isaac Bingham Obins Specialist Joiners, Northern Ireland
Electrical Installations Daniel Knox South West College, Northern Ireland
Mechatronics (Team Skill) Ben Love Tameside College / Siemens
Mechatronics (Team Skill) Lucy Yelland Tameside College / Siemens
Hairdressing Charlotte Lloyd Reds Hair Company
Plumbing and Heating Ruben Duggan Coleg Y Cymoedd, Wales
Cooking Samantha Watkins Savoy Hotel
Restaurant Service Daniel Davies Coleg Ceredigion, Wales
Web Development Rhydian Brown P & A Education, Wales
CNC Milling Alex Whitemore Babcock
Digital Construction Isabelle Barron Chapman Taylor
Electronics Prototyping Michael Crilley Gloucestershire Engineering Training
Robot Systems Integration (Team Skill) Charlie Carson Northern Regional College, Northern Ireland
Robot Systems Integration (Team Skill) Jason Scott Northern Regional College, Northern Ireland
Car Painting Miguel Harvey Steer Automotive Group
Painting and Decorating Dior Regan Lincoln College
ICT Specialists (Team Skill) Tyler Lewis HCUC (Harrow, Richmond & Uxbridge Colleges


ICT Specialists (Team Skill) Nathan Patrick New College Lanarkshire, Scotland



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