As well as being the UK’s largest skills and careers event, WorldSkills UK LIVE also hosts the National Finals, with competitions across 70 different skills. Designed by industry experts, the competitions equip students with the world-class skills needed to help UK businesses compete globally, presenting a series of tests which focus on the highest international standards. Competitors then bring back this know-how to benefit their employers, peers, and colleges.

With up to six live qualifiers over the course of the year, as well as a National Final at WorldSkills UK LIVE, you’ll be seen as an employer of choice to the 72,000+ people at the event, and by our vast network of government, business and education as a leader in the sector.

zoomed out aerial shot of worldskills uk live
Filming at WorldSkills UK LIVE

As a partner, we’ll work with you to generate national and regional press coverage, with maximum branding across all our competition spaces and online. You’ll have a chance to shape the future of our competitions, raising standards in your sector and ensuring that the UK’s talent pipeline is equipped with the skills your industry needs. With over 200 organisations at the National Finals, you’ll also have plenty of chances to network, promoting your products and services to key decision-makers from both industry and education.

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