Here's why you should sign up your students:

  1. Connect with diverse apprentices: Your students will meet apprentices from various backgrounds, levels, and roles, gaining valuable insights into the dynamic world of digital, engineering, and technology roles from industry experts. (Gatsby Benchmarks 2 and 5)
  2. Explore technical pathways: We guide students through technical and apprenticeship pathways, shedding light on the real opportunities available from employers. (Gatsby Benchmark 7)
  3. Tailored learning experiences: Recognising that we all learn differently, our sessions deliver bitesize knowledge. Engaging Q&A sessions and interactive quizzes follow, ensuring your students gain interesting facts and valuable career insights in a way that suits them best.

Best of all, these sessions are entirely free of charge!

Sign your school up for one or all the sessions below and let your students discover the excitement and importance of STEM apprenticeships while embracing their unique learning styles. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shape their future!

Upcoming events:

Redefining innovation: Inside the world of Amazon's tech apprenticeships, 6 February, 11am

As Engineering and Technology seamlessly merge, a landscape of creative and global solutions takes shape. During National Apprenticeship Week, ignite your students’ passion for innovation and apprenticeships. Dive into the boundless possibilities of the Engineering and Technology sector with us. Learn from experienced professionals, gaining invaluable insights to fuel your journey. Targeted at students in KS3 and KS4, sixth form and college.


Emma Lister, SDE Degree Apprentice, Level 6
Satta Foday, DevOps Apprentice, Level 4.
Declan Fisher, SDE Apprentice

Infinite horizons: Shaping the future through digital apprenticeships with Kaplan and IBM, 8 February, 9:30am

Discover the boundless potential of digital careers! Join our session in exploring a diverse range of digital apprenticeships that open doors to a vibrant world of creativity, functionality, and collaborative synergy. Uncover the wide possibilities that await your students as they venture into future careers shaped by the dynamic landscape of digital innovation. Targeted at students in KS3 and KS4, sixth form and college.


Grace de Rozario, Junior Design Consultant, Level 4 apprenticeship, IBM
Thomas Werrett, Junior Management Consultant, apprenticeship level tbc, IBM
Beth Todd , Head of Data and Technology apprenticeship sales
Two Lloyds Banking Group Level 3 Data Apprentices
Joseph Quigley
Suzanne Prevost

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