During your career, you will inevitably require a combination of support to help you to achieve excellence. Getting support and making use of this advice is quite a rare skill, we often feel that it is inappropriate to ask or that we would look weak if we asked for support. Recognising when you need support and when to figure things out yourself will take practice but when in doubt figure out exactly what type of support that you need, think about who is in the best position to supply this support, then  learn from the advice that is given, even if you don’t always agree.

Learning outcomes

In this mindset masterclass, you will learn to:

  • about emotional, informational and tangible support

  • when and when not to ask for support

  • who may be the best person to ask

  • what to do with the advice given

Students need a combination of support … their goal setting, their ability to self-regulate and control their emotional responses under pressure. They need to be able to plan effectively, and that takes somebody to explain to them, that’s not going to happen by magic. They need a performance coach to be able to say to them “Right, what’s your strategy for moving from A to B, and how are we going to get there?”, and then they physically need to take ownership of the process, so that they become very good at identifying where they are on the journey and what the next steps are to move them forward.

Laura Leong, WorldSkills UK Training Manager: Floristry

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