When you watch top performers in any domain they practice with the same purpose, intensity and attention to detail that they display when demonstrating excellence. For these top performers and everyone else, at times it is challenging to maintain excellence in practice but understanding why quality over quantity is important and what techniques can be used to maintain quality in your practice will be a vital step towards maximising your training and learning.

Learning outcomes

In this mindset masterclass, you will learn to:

  • the four principles of quality practice

  • how quality practice can influence performance

  • to target weaknesses and monitor performance

  • to get out of your comfort zone during practice

  • to use structured goals to enhance quality practice

  • to use motivation and organisation to enhance quality practice

I aim for quality practice by setting mini goals for myself of how I can make it … harder or push myself out further. So, in terms of doing that, it could be anything. It could be working with bigger chisels, smaller chisels. It just depends on what’s there. It might be the way your blocks shape the way you’re standing, you might sort of change your stance … it’s a very good way of learning, I think if you can push out one step further, every mini-step that you’re set, then that can really help you in your career going forward.

Jordan Cliff, WorldSkills UK Competitor - Stonemasonry

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