Managing education and a life outside college, whether it is, for example, spending time with family, playing a sport or being involved in the arts, often means that you feel pulled in every direction with not enough time to do everything well. Planning is crucial for you to balance all the things you need to do. Developing techniques to enhance your ability to plan and organise yourself will inevitably lead to lower level of stress, enhanced commitment and increased performance.

Learning outcomes

In this mindset masterclass, you will learn to:

  • why time-management is important

  • the effectiveness of current time-management strategies

  • how to better use time-management strategies

  • effective techniques to balance competing demands

  • to reflect on self-organisation skills

As a student and working part-time, I plan my week out from start to finish to factor in training, studying and work commitments before playing at weekends. Therefore making sure everything is planned out and ready to go, such as kit bag, food prep etc is imperative to me when playing at my level.

Kelsey Gentles: Castleford Tigers Rugby super league

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