We all imagine different scenarios in our heads every day, but to use the images in your head effectively you need to develop a number of key skills. These skills include having a definite purpose, having the ability to control what happens in your image, and making the image vivid and multisensory. These are all skills that require a great deal of practice before you use imagery to enhance performance. Once you have mastered these skills though, imagery can be used for an almost endless list of performance enhancement situations such as rehearsing a skill, decreasing anxiety, focusing attention, strategising and enhancing confidence.

Learning outcomes

In this mindset masterclass, you will learn to:

  • about your imagery strengths and weaknesses

  • to enhance your imagery weaknesses

  • how to control your imagery

  • how to use imagery for different purposes

  • how to use imagery in different environments

You can’t always be in the workshop and actually physically practising, but if you can imagine what you’re doing, if you can imagine the way in which you’re going to plan something, if you can imagine yourself in a situation which you’ll be in, thats obviously going to give you the advantage because you can do more training…in your head.

Finlay Champion, WorldSkills UK Competitor: Cabinet Making

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