At some stage in your life, regardless of your chosen pathway, you will encounter obstacles that leave you feeling demotivated and unable to reach your goals. The difference between those who are successful at overcoming these obstacles and those who drop out may come down to commitment. Understanding and enhancing your own commitment can help you overcome barriers, maintain focus and bounce back after setbacks better than those who may be similarly able but not as committed.

Recognising that everyone has a unique response to situations, such as negative feedback or a great score on a task, means that you can try out any of the effective tips from the masterclass to support and reinforce positive commitment behaviours.

Learning outcomes

In this mindset masterclass, you will learn to:

  • recognise helpful and problematic commitment

  • use commitment to influence goals

  • prioritise commitment to achieve your potential

  • recognise how your commitment fluctuates

  • use strategies to enhance commitment

  • apply effective commitment behaviours to manage challenges

At the beginning of your journey, success can seem a far away and, at times, unattainable goal. However, development takes time and success, rarely comes right away or without overcoming challenge. Staying committed to the process and understanding the effort required to improve and progress, is key.

Prof. Dave Collins

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