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Skills Competitions

WorldSkills UK LIVE is the home of the UK National Finals of more than 70 WorldSkills UK Competitions, giving the most talented apprentices and students the chance to be named as the UK’s best in their chosen skill.

During WorldSkills UK LIVE we are piloting several new skills competitions as demonstrations as our response to the UK’s Industrial Strategy and emerging industries.

  • Building Information Management (BIM)
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Accounting Technician
  • Industrial Robotics

Competitions challenge and assess an individual’s applied knowledge, technical ability and employability skills against a set of performance criteria, with finalists competing for gold, silver and bronze medals and the opportunity to be selected to join Squad UK to train for future international competitions.

Thank you to our competition organising partners, who run our WorldSkills UK Competitions in partnership with education and business.

WorldSkills UK Competitions are:

  • Inspiring young people to be ambitious in their pursuit of skills
  • Raising levels of expertise in skills
  • Helping the UK benchmark its apprenticeship and training programmes
  • Supporting the UK's skilled workforce and economy

With over 70 competitions across four industry sectors, you’ll have the chance to see a wide range of skills in action in:

  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Health, Hospitality & Lifestyle
  • Digital, Business & Creative
  • Engineering & Technology

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Inclusive Skills Competitions

Inclusive Skills Competitions enable young people with learning difficulties and disabilities to showcase their work skills and growing independence.

We are showcased a breadth of talent and skills amongst students with learning difficulties. The UK Finals for Inclusive Skills took place on Saturday 23 November.

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I think it is really important for young people to use these Competitions as a way to build their confidence and build their skills. It is a great opportunity to meet people in the industry, network and it opens so many doors. And it is just such a wonderful experience!

Rona Hassan, 2014 Gold Medal winner in Forensic Science

WorldSkills UK Competitions

WorldSkills UK Competitions

WorldSkills UK Competitions play a vital role in raising standards, esteem and levels of expertise in further education, apprenticeships and skills through competition activities and local initiatives.

Find out more and how to get involved in future skills competitions. 

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