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Skills Champions - Competitions Cycle

As Skills Champions, you have the ability to inspire the next generation of UK champions and pave the way for someone’s bright future. We would be over the moon if you could help us get more people to register for the 2020 Competitions Cycle by encouraging, inspiring and informing young hopefuls about the benefits of Competitions.

Businesses, colleges, schools and training providers will be able to register their competitors via the WorldSkills UK website from 1 March, and registration will close on 5 April.

We are launching a social media campaign to run in conjunction with this and throughout the campaign we would like to shout about you and your experiences of taking part in WorldSkills UK Competitions!

How You Can Get Involved


Record a short 30 second video on your phone, answering the following questions.

  1. Name, Profession, What Skills Competition you entered and what you achieved
  2. Why would you recommend entering into a skills event?
  3. How have Skills Competitions benefitted you?
  4. Say: ‘Register with WorldSkills UK today at’ 

If possible, incorporate items that relate to your profession into the video, feel free to be creative!

Write & Share: 

We want to know what it’s like to enter a skills competition and what impact it has had on you. You can write a couple of paragraphs on the following:

  1. How much preparation went into a Skills Event?
  2. Tell us what it’s like to compete at a National or International Event?
  3. What is like to represent your region or country at a Skills Event?
  4. How has it helped you as a person and in your chosen career?
  5. Why would you recommend others to enter into a Skill Competition? 

Where will your content go?

We aim to share your content on all of our social media feeds and in our E-Marketing campaigns in the run up to this year’s Competition Cycle in March. Keep up to date with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Please send all videos, photos and written articles to Marysia McSperrin. Please provide your name, which company your work for and what Skills Competition you entered.

If your video files are too large for email, you can send them to via the following websites:

For more information or help answering any queries you may have, please email Jen Early