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Become a Skills Champion

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As a Skills Champion, what can I get involved in?

There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved and continue your journey with WorldSkills UK after you compete, including:

  1. Inspire the next generation by delivering interactive workshops in secondary schools and colleges.
  2. Influence sector leaders and policy makers by sharing your journey through skills competitions and into employment.
  3. Support competitions activities nationally and internationally.
  4. Shape the future of the Skills Champions Community through the youth advisory panel meetings.
  5. Develop your employability skills through professional networking events and training workshops.
  6. Volunteer at WorldSkills UK LIVE and our regional events.

How will WorldSkills UK support Skills Champions to do this?

We can help fund your travel expenses to travel to different events around the country to act as an ambassador for WorldSkills UK.

We have templates of presentation slides you can use to share your story with others.

We can develop your confidence in delivering talks, workshops and presentations by offering you access to professional development materials and courses.

There is also a financial grant available for Champions on the Championing the Way for Skills project where they are not being supported by their employer to take part. If eligible, you can receive up to £75 per day for delivering sessions in schools.

How much time will I need to commit to being a Skills Champion?

It’s up to you! There is no minimum commitment to being a Skills Champion, you can fit your activity alongside your work and lifestyle.

How do I get involved?

Register to become a Skills Champion

Skills Champions Code of Conduct

Supporting the Competitions Cycle

Championing the Way Schools