What is a digital credential?

A digital credential is a verified skills record awarded when an individual has achieved specific learning outcomes relative to a given standard. Credential is an umbrella term that includes degrees, diplomas, licenses, certificates, badges, and professional/industry certifications and membership.

A digital credential is simply the online representation of a credential. They are a visual, data-rich and secure format that communicates and verifies the knowledge and skills attained.

Digital credentials are transportable to professional profiles to showcase achievement and commitment to skills excellence.

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Frequently asked questions


How do I claim my digital credential?

If you have successfully met the criteria for a WorldSkills UK digital credential, we will send you an email via Credly prompting you to claim it. You simply need to set up an account and accept your credential. If you’ve already received a digital credential from the Credly platform, you need to log in and accept the badge. It will be added directly to your profile.


What do I do with a digital credential?

Once you’ve been awarded and have accepted a digital credential, you can embed the image online wherever you like. On your digital CV, on social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter, or on your website or blog and share it with friends and colleagues via email. People viewing these sites can click onto the credential, and it will take them through to the Credly website, where they can see all of the information on that skill or achievement.

How to share your credential


I haven’t received my digital credential

If you believe that you have qualified for a digital credential but have not yet received it, please contact us at getintouch@worldskillsuk.org or call 0800 612 0742 and we will look into it for you.

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