Competitors will be expected to undertake a specific project that will require them to demonstrate the skills that are essential requirements for today’s construction industry. 

Roofing operatives work on the protective layers of a building which separate the inside from the elements using a range of materials, methods and structures. Roof slaters and tilers install and repair all the waterproof coverings for buildings by applying slates or tiles to a designed framework, such as the roof of a house. Skills for this role include understanding drawings and specifications to know what materials to use, fixing underlay, insulation and roof coverings in place, repairing old or faulty roofing, ensuring any new covering is weatherproof. 

Heritage specialists can work on roofs ranging from Victorian terraced houses to ancient churches. Modern slaters and tilers are trained in using the handmade materials of earlier eras, including clay tiles and different types of natural stone or slate. 

 This competition has been designed to reflect the role of a roof slater and tiler and the standards that are expected within the construction industry.

The skills you need to demonstrate

  • Interpret drawings  

  • Setout and apply underlay, battens, tiles and ridges  

  • Measure, mark and cut tiles  

  • Demonstrate cutting techniques 

  • Use pointing techniques 

  • Ensure structure is securely fixed throughout (in accordance with the specification) 

  • Ensure structure is free from defects 

  • Keep the work area clean and tidy 

  • Work in a safe manner 

Entry criteria

This is an individual competition and competitors must be proficient with the core competencies above 

Participants must be: 

At least 16 years of age on 1st September 2021 and must also meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  • employed in the UK, having completed a relevant UK qualification in the last 12 months
  • studying towards a relevant qualification in the UK, including T Levels
  • working towards an apprenticeship in a relevant trade in the UK.

National Qualifier dates

For more information about the National Qualifiers for this competition please refer to the Rules and Guidance document in the ‘Useful resources’ section below

Northern Ireland: 4 May

England, Scotland and Wales:

6, 19 and 30 May

9, 14 and 23 June

How it works

Our competitions are open to all so please register between 27 February – 24 March 2023

The first stage of competition is a remote or online test (where applicable)

Competitors take part in competitions in venues across the UK or online

Scores are quality assured and Finalists are announced

Competitors prepare and practise in readiness for the National Finals

The Finalists come together to compete in the National Finals

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