Producers are responsible for facilitating a project from beginning to end. They are involved in every stage of the television programme, film or video or social media, overseeing the project from start to finish, both in the studio and on location. They work alongside the director and other creative departments including camera, sound, set design and post-production to ensure the project is completed successfully, on time and to budget.

This competition has been designed to focus on all the essential skills needed for a successful career within the Digital Media industries. Competitors undertake varying creative roles associated with producing a media production and are required to work towards industry standards.

The competition is largely practical, although competitors will be required to have a thorough understanding of pre-production. It is also expected that competitors have a good working knowledge of camera operation, audio recording, and post-production techniques and software.

Each team will initially plan and produce a video/media clip/news clip from a given brief. The teams with the winning concept will then have a chance to pitch their concept to panels of judges. During the live heat, and prior to their pitch, each team will have to complete a task as outlined to them within a given time frame. The competitors will then have to add this to their pitch.

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The skills you need to demonstrate

  • Creativity

  • IT Skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Time management

  • Organisation Skills (manage edit schedules)

  • Research skills

  • Pre-production process and materials

  • Post-production processes

Entry criteria

  • This is a team competition (team to comprise of a maximum of 4 members)
  • There is no limit to the number of competitors permitted to enter this competition per organisation
  • Competitors must be familiar with core competencies but not have more than 2 years’ industry and have been studying for a Level 3 in the during the academic year of registration

How it works

Our competitions are open to all so please register between 28 February – 1 April 2022

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Competitors take part in competitions in venues across the UK or online

Learners who get through the passive stage (where they will be expected to prepare a submission for entry or participate in an online assessment), will be invited to take part in national qualifiers which take place across the UK between April and June. All competitors receive certification for their achievements at the qualifiers

The highest performers from the national qualifiers are invited to compete in the UK National Finals in November at WorldSkills UK LIVE, the UK’s largest skills, apprenticeship and careers event

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