The 3D digital game artist creates three-dimensional models and assets that differ depending on the type of game. They are responsible for every aspect, from taking a designer’s brief to using creative, technical and specialist skills to deliver assets in a marketable game.

The 3D digital art competition has been designed to reflect the role of a 3D digital artist within the game industry including standards expected in the development of an AAA game.

The challenge is to take a concept and transform it into a 3D mesh which harnesses a wide range of skill sets from good geometry decisions to symmetry and texture.

The skills you need to demonstrate

  • Concept Art

  • 3D Modelling

  • UV Unwrapping

  • Texturing

  • Rendering

  • File naming

  • File management. 

Contact details

Entry criteria

  • This is an individual competition
  • There is no limit to the number of entries per organisation
  • At the National Qualifiers stage, only the top 4 competitors from each organisation will be allowed to compete
  • Competitors should be familiar with the core competencies (these can be found in the ‘Useful Information’ section below) and must be working towards, or recently completed in the last 12 months, a relevant Level 3 qualification if in the England or Northern Ireland, a Level 3 CQFW if in Wales, a Level 6 SCQF qualification if in Scotland.

Competition timeline

Registrations are now open and close midnight 28th March 2024.

The first stage of competition is a online test

Entry Brief will be released on Monday 1st April 2024 (after registration window closes), competitors have up to Monday 22nd April 2024 to submit their work.

Live Qualifier

Live Qualifier (will be held via Zoom) and will take place on Friday 7th June 2024.

To help finalists prepare ahead of the UK Final, we will provide relevant technical training and share mindset development techniques, to support them to remain focused on achieving success.

National finals will take place between the 18th-22nd November 2024 in Manchester (venues TBC)

The 3D Digital Game Art national competitions also form part of the selection process for WorldSkills International Competitions and the 2024 finals will be used to identify UK squad members for the WorldSkills International competition in Shanghai in 2026.

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