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Beauty Therapy Practitioner (Beauty Therapy: Body)

Beauty Therapy Practitioner (Beauty Therapy: Body)

A Beauty Therapy Practitioner is a specialist in advanced body and facial treatments, make up and skincare advice.



The competition focuses on the role and tasks of a beauty therapy practitioner carrying out a range of services which reflect both current and traditional standards plus current industry requirements. This may include massage and spa treatments, advanced facial, make-up and manicure treatments. You will also be tested on  health and safety, exceptional client care and communication skills. Ideally you are looking to demonstrate your specialist skills and technical knowledge to the highest level with a view to progressing your career further in the beauty or spa therapy industry.

Entry criteria

  • This is an individual competition
  • There is no limit to the number of entries per organisation 
  • Competitors must be familiar with the core competencies below, have excellent relevant knowledge of anatomy and physiology and/or are enrolled in a programme of study working towards Beauty Therapy Level 3

Steps to taking part in this skills competition

  1. Register to enter this competition by 5 April 2019
  2. Competitors will be invited to submit a photographic entry for initial assessment by 15 April 2019
  3. Shortlisted Competitors will be invited to a National Qualifier during Spring/Summer 2019
  4. WorldSkills UK quality assure the results and finalists will be notified by September 2019
  5. Finalists will participate in the UK National Final at the NEC in November 2019 as part of WorldSkills UK LIVE

Please note: this Competition has a preliminary phase, which involves submitting a photographic entry for initial assessment.

Find out more about this preliminary phase

Core Competencies

Competitors taking part in this competition should be able to demonstrate:

Professional attitude:

  • Presentation skills - the ability to create a professional, positive, safe and effective environment
  • Consideration for client care
  • Organisation of working area
  • Preparation for treatment

Safe working practices:

  • Recognise contra-indications and demonstrate the ability to problem solve and take appropriate action if needed.
  • Carry out appropriate hygiene procedures
  • Checks of electrical / mechanical equipment safety
  • Maintain professional standards of hygiene and safety
  • Response to client needs – use of verbal and non verbal techniques to ensure client comfort.
  • Explanation of each treatment to be carried out
  • Maintain client’s modesty throughout
  • Identify potential areas of concern for the client

High level of skill and dexterity:

  • Application of knowledge
  • Use workspace effectively
  • Apply techniques with confidence and dexterity
  • Demonstrate focus
  • Use posture effectively

Management of time allocation:

  • Allocate time effectively
  • Manage time
  • Demonstrate the ability to begin and end the competition appropriately – the therapist will allocate time for clearing down neatly and hygienically at the end of the competition

Ergonomic working methods

  • Demonstrate effective trolley and couch positioning
  • Test equipment and products
  • Organise trips to the sink area
  • Demonstrate effective trolley set up

Heats, dates and venues

29/05/2019 Belfast Met College, Titanic Qtr campus
10/06/2019 New College Lanarkshire, Coatbridge Campus
11/06/2019 Rotherham College, Rotherham campus
12/06/2019 Coleg Cambria, Deeside Campus
17/06/2019 Highbury College Portsmouth, Portsmouth campus
18/06/2019 Weston College, Knightstone Campus
19/06/2019 Kidderminster College, Kidderminster Campus
20/06/2019 East Coast College, Great Yarmouth campus


Competition organising partner

Competition organising partner

Coleg Cambria is the competition organising partner for the Beauty Therapy Practitioner, Nail Technician, Commercial Make-up and Beauty Therapist.