Individuals looking to become an Industrial Control Technician should expect to control systems used in the industrial and infrastructure sectors. Industrial Control Technicians will be able to install, maintain, fault find and optimise hardware and software for automation systems. The individual will be part of a multi-disciplinary team for example as a member or leader of a project team, maintenance team, service team that will work alongside other stakeholders for example design, production or coordination that interfaces with internal and external customers alike.

The individual will have skills in cabling, use of physical tools and maintaining systems. They would have excellent stakeholder management skills, communication and working well within a team. In this occupation the individual will be responsible for coordination of services and working to establish operating procedures.

If you’re interesting in becoming an Industrial Control Technician, our competition is the perfect place to develop and test your skills.

Are great at problem solving
Have a high level of numeracy
Are good at communication
Have a high attention to detail
Can work with high-level computer technology

Career opportunities

  • Equipment Manufacturing

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Nuclear & Renewable Energy

  • Environmental Agencies

Average Salary
Entry Level
+ 5.9%
Projected workforce change
This is an estimation of the overall number of job opportunities in this career area up until 2027.

What next?

Photo of Declan competing internationally in the Automobile Technology Competition

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