Industrial Robotics is about the use of programmable robots to support manufacturing in an automated environment. Those looking to become a Robotics Engineer should have an interest in assembling, setting-up, managing and maintaining mechanical systems within mobile robots as well as installing, operating and troubleshooting robot control systems.

The individual should have excellent skills in repair and maintaining machines and tools. Have good problem-solving skills and knowledge on computer operating systems, hardware and software. They would need to understand what customers want to automate and research new ways to use robots and artificial intelligence.

If you would like to pursue a career as a robotics engineer, our industrial robotics competition is the perfect place to start.

Great at problem solving
Have good communication skills
Are analytical
Can work with high-level computer technology

Career opportunities

  • Telecommunication Engineering

  • Computer Systems Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Robotics Engineering

  • Software Engineering

  • Control Engineering

Average Salary
Entry Level
+ 5.9%
Projected workforce change
This is an estimation of the overall number of job opportunities in this career area up until 2027.

What next?

Photo of Declan competing internationally in the Automobile Technology Competition

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