Heavy Vehicle Engineering is a significant sector within the automotive engineering industry, Heavy Vehicle Engineering covers the maintenance/inspection and repair of trucks, buses, vans and much more. Heavy Vehicle Engineering includes a wide range of skills, high standards and critical thinking and process applications and problem solving.

Heavy vehicle service technicians service and repair large vehicles such as trucks, lorries and buses. Technicians are trained in all areas of heavy vehicle mechanics and electronics, from engine and exhaust systems to air conditioning and security features. As a heavy vehicle service technician you will need to demonstrate excellent practical skills, the ability to work quickly with attention to detail, the ability to work without supervision, good communication skills, the ability to follow written and verbal instructions and a reasonable level of fitness and normal colour vision.

If you’re looking to get into Heavy Vehicle Technology, taking part in our competition is the perfect way to develop and test the crucial skills required for a successful career.

Excellent practical skills
Work quickly with attention to detail
Work without supervision
Good communication skills
Follow written and verbal instructions
Reasonable level of fitness and normal colour vision.

Career opportunities

  • Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Technician

  • Refrigeration Technician earning

  • Breakdown engineer
  • Engine specialist

  • MOT specialist

Average Salary
Entry Level
Projected workforce change
This is an estimation of the overall number of job opportunities in this career area up until 2027.

What next?

Photo of Declan competing internationally in the Automobile Technology Competition

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