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As climate change and environmental concerns top the social, political and youth agenda, we focused on green jobs in the fourth of our series of Spotlight Talks. The government’s ambition to create 2 million jobs in the green economy by 2030 is an exciting opportunity for young people to develop skills which will help accelerate the UK towards net-zero.

Sessions are broken down into 30-minute slots and contain live Q&As, videos and expert career advice. Examples of the topics explored include:

  • The switch to electric vehicles and how it will revolutionise the skills needed in the automotive industry
  • New methods of designing and building houses to be more energy efficient is opening up new routes into the construction industry
  • How STEM skills are fundamental to addressing the challenges of climate change

Learn more about the inspiring sessions

How job roles are changing in the automotive sector

Photo of Billie-Jo in Automotive Technology competitor inspecting a car

Wednesday 9 March, 9.35am


IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) will speak about how traditional job roles are changing in the automotive sector, what the emerging job opportunities are and how to access those jobs.
Speakers include Johanna Hollingdale, Careers and Student Membership Manager and Robert Pallant Bright. Robert won Gold in Automotive Technology at the 2019 WorldSkills UK national finals and now works at Ford. He will speak about how to keep your skills up to date with new trends.

Recharging careers in automotive

Wednesday 9 March. 9.50am


Automotive is an ever-changing industry and is at the forefront of creating a green future. In this session we will discuss where young people can fit in, what careers you can expect and where they could take you. Join Cat Treanor as she discusses all things automotive, challenges stereotypes and takes you through her journey from ready, set… GO!

Q&A included at the end of the session.

Embedding sustainability into education across different sectors 

Wednesday 9 March, 10.15am


David Jones, Vertical and Horizontal Manager at NCFE, and Janet King, Sector Manager for Education and Childcare at NCFE, will join WorldSkills UK hosts in a live Q&A focused on embedding sustainability into education across different sectors.

David and Janet will identify how roles that focus on sustainability are changing and how green skills are being embedded across multiple occupations and sectors. They’ll also explore the different educational routes into ‘green careers’ through NCFE’s sustainability qualifications. Following this, they’ll look at how this applies to working in early years, looking at the skills and techniques young people would apply if they chose to work in this sector and still follow a ‘green’ career path.

The role of STEM in building a green economy

Wednesday 9 March, 11am

STEM Learning

Learn about the role of STEM in providing the foundational knowledge and skills needed to take on the challenges of moving to a greener economy.

Using automation to improve lives

Photo of a young robotics engineer next to a robot and typing into a computer

Wednesday 9 March, 11.45am


Hear from Sam Tilley, Country General Manager (UK & Ireland) and George Brown, Team Leader – Applications & Solutions about multiple projects they’ve worked on designed to improve lives and contribute to a better society. They will talk about jobs of the future and using automation in areas including the reduction of plastics, the green vehicle revolution and CO2 reduction.

Breaking down barriers, the key to a sustainable future

Three people looking at model of buildings

Wednesday 9 March, 1.30pm


This interactive session will highlight how diversity is key to a thriving workforce. It will discuss breaking down barriers and pre-conceptions to ensure that you are able to navigate multiple routes to a job working in the green industry.

You will hear from two speakers that have taken very different educational routes, their challenges and inspirations along the way and how to navigate the different educational routes to the future you deserve.

Emerging technologies to support a greener future

Two people looking at plans next to water

Wednesday 9 March, 2.05pm


BakerHicks are on a journey to ensure an Operational Net Zero Business by 2030. In this session you will learn how the organisation are using technologies to transition to a greener future, what green jobs are available and what you need to do to ensure a career that keeps sustainability at the heart. Hear from their experts on their personal journeys, what inspires them and how you can follow in their footsteps into a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future.

Practical examples of how to use IT to reduce carbon footprints

Girl at computer

Thursday 10 March, 9.30am

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Hear from young role models about becoming tech entrepreneurs through using green skills and how to embed sustainability into the IT curriculum.

Sustainable technology in the manufacturing process


Thursday 10 March, 10.15am


This session will explore the use of sustainable technology in the manufacturing process. Learn about the innovative technology that’s being used to develop electric bikes and F3 vehicles. You will also hear from apprentices, their personal journeys and how to choose the right career path for you.

You can do anything you want to do

Jon Cleave headshot

Thursday 10 March, 11.00am


Join a Q&A with Jon Cleave, a competitor from WorldSkills London 2011. Jon moved across industries from graphic design to film production and will demonstrate how creative process are linear and how skills can be used across sectors. Jon is an advocate for the green industry, recently launching a new streaming service, NewYonder, which produces inspiring content about the planet.

How to build a career in VFX

Thursday 10 March, 11.45am

Middlesex University

The film industry is currently pioneering new technologies to become sustainable in the development of creative content. Hear from those working in the film industry explain how they are using sustainable methods in their production.

Creating new learning environments to support all students

Photo of a CAD Technician pointing at a drawing on a computer screen

Thursday 10 March, 1.30pm

University of the West of England
Education & Training Foundation (ETF)

Creating new learning environments to support all students. Professor Lisa Brodie is a pioneer in changing how we create learning environments to support all students, features how Minecraft has been used to teach principles of sustainability.

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Spotlight Talks in numbers


of young people felt engaged


of young people were inspired


of young people gained knowledge to support their progression in technical career routes


of teachers and parents were able to advise young people on technical education and careers after watching

Spotlight Talks are a fantastic opportunity for young people of all ages, and especially during these difficult times. It was well received by all of our students, including one who produced his own computer programme after watching one of the talks.

Lisa Millward, Careers Lead at Erdington Academy

In an education environment, if we’ve got external speakers saying the same things as the teachers, it might help everything to click. When the students are listening to someone who is in industry, like an architect, who can talk about where they started off from, how they got to where they are, and the highs and the lows of their career so far it resonates more.

Ellie Davies, The Bournemouth and Poole College

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