My school asked us all to arrange a work experience placement to help us experience the world of work.

As I am unsure about what I want to do in the future, I asked Andy Knight, a member of my amateur dramatics society, who I know works at WorldSkills UK if he has any tools that may help me work this out. He suggested filling out my careers cloud which is an online questionnaire which helps guide you with what careers may suit you best. Whilst I was completing the careers cloud I looked at the WorldSkills website and found out that they were a company who supported young people to help them into the careers they want. I realised this would be a really good place to do my work experience and asked Andy for more information.

After talking with Andy and securing my placement, I filled out all of the forms for my school and WorldSkills UK and was ready. By having a placement based in London Victoria, I was able to experience commuting! On my first day I was introduced to everyone and shown around the office. I was given my own workspace and had a laptop to work on throughout the week.

My first task was to create a slideshow to show how I would go about selling a space at The Skills Show to a client. Throughout the rest of the week I went to different areas of the company to learn about what they do. During this time I did a variety of different tasks including; making up ideas for how the company can incorporate equality and diversity into the workplace, creating posters for The Skills Show, doing different types of administration and finding contacts for WorldSkills UK to reach out to.

My experience at World Skills UK was very beneficial to me as I got to learn about how businesses work and to understand what a company atmosphere is like. I came out knowing so much more about what I wanted to do in the future, which is in carrying on in education and doing A level business. Thank you to all of the WorldSkills UK team for giving me an insight into the different options available to me after school.

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