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Who’s going to win the registration battle?

WorldSkills UK Business Analyst Ed takes a look at who's going to win the battle for the most competition registrations in 2020...

Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020

The Six Nations Rugby Championship is underway, and once again we're seeing England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales battle it out to win sporting glory. As the rugby teams go head to head so too will the countries and regions of the UK to see who can register the most participants in the 2020 WorldSkills UK Competitions!

The annual WorldSkills UK Competitions provide a great opportunity for young people to boost their skills, confidence and performance. We’re keen that as many students and apprentices as possible get the opportunity to take part and demonstrate their potential. Last year nearly 3,700 people from across the UK registered and we want to beat that number this year!

The reigning champions

As with the rugby, Wales are the reigning champions with a huge 609 registrations in 2019. They were closely followed by the North West of England, with Scotland in third place. The breakdown can be seen here:

2019 WorldSkills UK Competitions registrations

Even more information on the 2019 registration data can be found here. The link is to a dashboard which shows registration data by area, skill and provider with breakdowns by gender and ethnicity.

The 2020 dashboard

In 2020, we’re looking to make the registration data easily accessible by introducing a similar interactive dashboard on our website. The information on the dashboard will be updated regularly throughout the registration window (1 March to 2 April) to get some healthy competition going and provide decision makers with the information to drive up registrations and diversity.

It means that the competition for registration glory can really heat up at the local level. Which department, campus or college in the region will take the title for most people registered? All the data will be available and downloadable to allow users to create their own reports and share the information more widely.

We hope you have fun with the new registration dashboard and you find it a useful tool during the registration window and beyond. We’re keen to make more of our data accessible so watch this space for more developments.

More information about the 2020 WorldSkills UK Competitions can be found here.

We’ll announce the country or region with the most registrations in April. Good luck!

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