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Invitation to tender

  • Careers Toolkit

    WorldSkills UK is looking for a partner to design and develop an updated version of the careers planning toolkit and resource for educators (e.g. teachers, tutors and careers advisers) to use, to enable young people to understand and be inspired about technical education and apprenticeships. 

    Young people are faced with a plethora of choices on their future, with limited direction in which to turn when making informed decisions about this. It is our ambition to package the ‘experience’ that our Skills Champions and competitions brings to the lives of young people, building on the momentum of the resources noted above. This package will form a new and enhanced online toolkit that will:

    • Give young people a better knowledge and understanding (of their options) around technical routes and apprenticeships
    • Help young people consider the importance of technology to their careers and how this is changing the workforce of the future
    • Challenge their assumptions about different career pathways and how different workplaces have different expectations 
    • Help young people to identify their developmental needs and how to meet them
    • Provide the inspiration and confidence to pursue a range of different careers through a diverse range of role models.

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    Please submit a tender Response to this Invitation to Tender by 10:00am on Monday 18th February 2019, and any supporting documents, clearly marked ‘INVITATION TO TENDER RESPONSE – Careers Toolkit', to:

    Mahad Ali
    Head of Education and Research
    WorldSkills UK
    Floor Four
    151 Buckingham Palace Road
    SW1W 9SZ

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