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Privacy policy

Looking after the personal information you share with us is important to WorldSkills UK. This is where we tell you how and where we use your personal information and how we look after it.

At WorldSkills UK we use personal data:

  • To manage visitor registrations at our events
  • To manage competition registrations
  • To keep our stakeholders up to date on our activities
  • To carry out research and prepare reports
  • To communicate with our commercial partners
  • To manage international competition teams
  • Where we have an appropriate legal basis for processing  


1 - About this policy

  1. The protection of your privacy and personal information is important to us. We make sure that not only do we have appropriate security measures in place, but that any other organisation we work with to provide a service also meets the same standard as us.
  2. We will respect your privacy. You should receive marketing emails only from us and, if you agree, from other organisations we have carefully chosen. We will make sure that the boxes you need to tick if you are happy to receive marketing are presented clearly and at an appropriate time.
  3. We will make it clear at the point when we request your information, what we are collecting it for and how we are going to use it.
  4. We will collect and use your personal information only if we have your permission or we have sensible business reasons for doing so.
  5. We will minimise the amount of information we collect from you to what we need to deliver the product and services you have requested.
  6. We will be clear in our dealings with you as to what information about you we will collect and how we will use it.
  7. We will use personal information only for the purposes for which it was originally collected and we will make sure we store it safely, and delete it securely.
  8. Our websites are accessible via the internet. Please remember that if you post any comments or links on any of our sites that they can be read and accessed by anyone and everyone.

If we, our service providers, or our commercial partners transfer any information out of the European Economic Area (EEA), it will only be done with the relevant legal instruments or permissions being in place.


2 - What information we collect about you and how we use it

We may collect personal information from you when you:

  • register to the website (“the Website”) or for any of our services;
  • enquire about the Website, our services, our competitions or events;
  • register for our competitions;
  • engage with us in relation to our competitions or events;
  • when you work with us in a commercial capacity;
  • when you download our app;
  • through cookies;
  • if you complete your details on research questionnaires;
  • request or share information through the Website; and/or
  • register for any of our mailing lists or events through the Website;

This personal information may include but is not limited to the following information about you:

  • your name (including your first names and surname);
  • your email address;
  • other details about you that you or others provide to us; and
  • sensitive personal data but only where you have provided your explicit consent for the collection of and use of such sensitive personal data


3 - This is the legal bit

Bear with us, but this is the place where we need to explain our legal basis for processing your information. When you use someone’s information in a business, you have to have a legal reason for doing it, and you then have to be able to say it out loud.

For an information service such as a newsletter or when you enter one of our competitions, or even if you come to one of our events, we process your data using legitimate interest i.e. you are able to access lots of information and services in exchange for giving us your details, and our relationship is one where the balance of benefit is in your favour. You always have a choice about us managing your data this way and can opt out of processioning under this basis at any time. However, in the case of competitions, this could make life really tricky!

Where you provide data in the course of a contract agreement, we process your data under contract, i.e. your data is necessary for the fulfilment of the service.

Any additional contact, i.e. telling you about another product or service closely related to the product or service you have contracted is managed under legitimate interest.

We will always make it as easy as possible for you to opt out of stuff you don’t want, providing it doesn’t restrict our ability to provide you with the thing you have requested.

Profiling - sometimes we use little parts of your information to target the messages we send you, for instance, we might use your location to send you details of a regional competition. This is done by humans not robots.

How long we keep your data. Sometimes a bigger authority than us, says we have to keep it for a certain amount of time. So we do as we are told.

Otherwise we determine the length of time we keep your data, based on why you gave it to us in the first place. For example if you visited one of our events, we’d keep your information, to let you know about the next one.

When we don’t need to keep your data anymore, we do one of three things:

  • we erase it
  • we keep a small amount because we have to, and keep it safe, sometimes disguising it.
  • If you say you don’t want to hear from us ever again, we keep the minimum amount information to make sure we leave you alone.


4 - Children’s Data

We do not knowingly collect or store any personal information of children under the age of 16, because the mechanisms whereby we collect personal information are not applicable to this age group.


5 - Making changes to the information you give us

Another little bit of legal stuff: you can rectify, erase, object to or restrict the way your information is handled without undue delay. You can also ask to access the data we hold on you.

We’re working on ways to make it easier for you to review and correct the information that we hold about you. In the meantime, if you need to change any details or want to get in touch with us about anything to do with your information email us at:


6 - Who we share data with

We do not and will not, sell or share your data at any time to anyone else for their own marketing purposes.

If you are a visitor or potential visitor to one of our events, we will share your details with our contracted communication partners so that they can:

-       Tell you about upcoming events

-       Direct you to the places where you can book tickets

-       Keep you up to date with what is happening at the events, including sending you the latest news.

If you are an exhibitor or sponsor at one of our events, we will share your details with our approved suppliers in the below areas:

  • Core exhibition services (stand build, electrics, graphics, furniture and lighting)
  • Venue services (catering, room hire, gas, water & waste, barriers, cleaning etc) - The NEC Birmingham
  • IT and internet
  • Freight, Lifting & Storage
  • Audio visual equipment

If you are a competitor at one of our events, we will share your details with:

  • The competition organising partner responsible for making a competition happen
  • Training managers and training manager assistants
  • Training Managers, Assistant Training Managers, Physio, Psychologist, Performance coaches
  • Other specialists and organisations commissioned by WSUK in supporting a competitor to take part in the WorldSkills UK Training & Development programme.


7 - Transfer outside the European Economic Area

If we need to send any information outside of the EEA, it will only be done with the proper legal protections or permissions being in place.


8 - Cookies

Cookies are little packets of data that sit on our website, in some cases to make it work, and in some cases to add additional services. For more information about cookies, how to look after them, even how to turn them off, please visit our page on cookies.


9 - Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on our sites for anonymous reporting of site usage and for advertising on the site. If you would like to opt-out of Google Analytics monitoring your behaviour on our sites please use this link


10 - Who we are

WorldSkills UK is a partnership between businesses, education and Governments that accelerates young people’s careers giving them the best start in work and life. WorldSkills UK is a registered charity (Charity number 1001586) and company limited by guarantee (company number 02535199). The registered address is WorldSkills UK, First Floor, 151 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9SZ.

If you would like to contact WorldSkills UK, please email or contact us: T +44(0)800 612 0742.


11 - Your right to complain

If you are not satisfied with the way your request was handled, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority – details of which are given below:

Information Commissioner’s Office

Telephone: +44 303 123 1113


12 - Changes to the privacy policy

If we make changes to our privacy policy we will show you what they are here. If these changes are significant, we may also choose to email relevant individuals with new details. If we are required by law, we will obtain your consent to make these changes.


Changes to this policy by date

May 2018 – New company privacy policy created.

31 May 2018 - Complaint url updated from ICO website. 

5 June 2018 - Section 6 updated with visitor to events information.