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Invitation to tender

  • International Skills Research

    WorldSkills UK would like to commission a third party to explore how other countries, that are known by WorldSkills UK to have interesting and or pioneering technical education systems, develop the skills of their technical education workforce to ensure high-quality teaching standards. 

    To ensure these insights are as useful to the sector as possible we would like the research to identify current challenges facing the technical education sector, including in the area of workforce development, and identify how initiatives in other countries might act as useful lessons for the UK.

    Download the Invitation to Tender

  • Economic Review of WorldSkills UK

    WorldSkills UK is inviting tenders from organisations to carry out an economic review of the organisation.  The primary aim is to the value and benefits of our activities to raise standards and technical knowledge through participating in skills competitions, to promote technical training and education, and to identify how well these support the economy of the country.  The review will need to provide a quantified, sound and robust evidence base that demonstrates to investors the value and economic return of the organisation.

    Responses to the ITT are invited by 5 July and please contact Jill Goddard, Head of Planning, Funding and Impact on if you have enquiries about the opportunity.

    Download the Invitation to Tender