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The Compere programme

The Compere programme 2016 is now closed.

Bringing the stages to life

We are looking for 8-10 individuals with specific skills in public speaking and performing to compere the four Spotlight stages and one Staff Room stage at The Skills Show.

The stages host industry experts, giving visitors insight into different careers. Comperes engage with the audience and the performers, generate questions  and interact with the audience to foster response, ensuring there is no ‘dead air’. Comperes should be outgoing, bold, positive and full of enthusiasm to create an energy that the audience feed off.

The role

We are looking for organisations (i.e. colleges and performance & acting groups) that have suitable young people who would like to be Comperes at The Skills Show this year. The organisation will be involved to:

  • Source appropriate students for the role, explaining the requirements and benefits involved.
  • Help facilitate auditions with WorldSkills UK staff, as required, and provide insight on selection.
  • Maintain good communication between WorldSkills UK and the Comperes regarding logistics and requirements of the role ahead of The Skills Show.
  • Ensure retention of students and/or reserves.
  • Ensure students understand the role and are fully briefed and prepared.
  • Optional: staff member to attend the familiarisation Day at the NEC Birmingham on Wednesday 16 to provide on site training to Comperes.


  1. Please answer the questions below and send them to by 26 August.
  2. Once we have selected the appropriate organisation(s) to work with, we will then liaise with you regarding scheduling auditions (most likely in October).
  3. Selection of students and assignment to stages.
  4. More detailed briefing and logistical information provided by WorldSkills UK in early November.
  5. Familiarisation Day on Wednesday 16 November at the NEC Birmingham.
  6. The Skills Show live days: 17-19 November at the NEC Birmingham.


  • Students should be aged 17-25 at the time of The Skills Show.
  • Students must be available to attend both the Familiarisation Day and all three days of The Skills Show on 16 November.
  • Students must be competent and confident in delivering the role required.
  • Students must be reliable, conscientious and committed.
  • Each Compere will be remunerated with a £50/day stipend, and can also claim up to £10/day in travel expenses – no funding is available for potential accommodation required.

Application questions

  1. What previous involvement have you (or your organisation or students) had in The Skills Show? (150 words max)
  2. What courses/programmes do you have that complement the Compere programme? (150 words max)
  3. Please explain why your organisation is appropriate for supporting the Compere programme. (300 words max)
  4. Please outline previous experience of similar roles that demonstrate your group’s ability to fulfil this role. (200 words max)
  5. How many eligible students do you have for the Compere programme 2016?
  6. Please confirm you understand the requirements and commitments of the Compere programme.

Please send your answers to Peter at by 26 August.


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