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Run a Have a Go experience

Inspire thousands of young people by offering a bite size taster of skills.

Have a Go experiences allow people to try their hand at a skill, trade or occupation from aircraft marshalling to bricklaying.

Who can run a Have a Go?

You can run a Have a Go experience if you are an education and training provider, school, college, sponsor, employer or industry body.

Contact us

If you’re interested in running a Have a Go experience at The Skills Show, contact us on 020 3740 8231 or 020 3740 8234 or email to discuss the opportunities available.

Why run a Have a Go?

  • Be part of the most popular feature at The Skills Show.
  • Engage with thousands of young people and their influencers including parents and teachers.
  • Inspire a new generation through exciting, interactive activities.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to education and skills.
  • Change skills perceptions – Have a Go activities help our young visitors improve their understanding of vocational education.

Benefits to you

Help create memorable experiences for thousands of young people!

  • Position yourself as a leading organisation within your skill sector.
  • Recognition as an official Have a Go provider.
  • Extensive networking opportunities.
  • Access to our exclusive guest lounge.
  • Tickets to The Skills Show opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Tickets to The Skills Show welcome dinner.
  • 50m² carpeted floor space, power (up to 500W), carpets and lighting.
  • Complimentary parking during the event.

I wanted to bring my daughter along, so she could have a go at some of the different opportunities on offer, to make her think “Oh, I could do this”. I want her to come here and be inspired.

Mother of visitor at The Skills Show in 2014

Having a go for yourself is the best way of getting a taste for a new skill. There’s no substitute for hands-on experience to help open the minds of thousands of young people to the jobs and careers that are out there waiting for them.

Theo Paphitis, Patron, The Skills Show

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