Global benchmarking

We use our global network to benchmark the UK’s skills against major competitor economies. We partner with countries like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to share best practice, creating an exchange of knowledge to drive innovation in technical and vocational education. We do this through:

Establishing a world-class skills economy

We are setting a new level of ambition for the UK to be a world-leading skills economy, developing a higher quality skills system by putting business needs to the fore.

Developing high-quality skills for young people

We support the development of thousands of young people each year in a programme of competitions-based training and assessment. This – along with our careers advocacy events and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work – inspires more young people, from all backgrounds, to take up high-quality apprenticeships and technical education.

Pete Walters MBE working as part of the Centre of Excellence

WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence draws on unique global insights – while utilising NCFE’s expertise in curriculum development – to mainstream excellence in technical and vocational education, employing a range of methods to transfer world-class expertise to educators.

With forty colleges participating, these regional hubs promote key skills and competencies that address industry requirements, and the programme was even cited in the Skills for Jobs White Paper for England as representing best-practice in training and development.

Our partners

Learn how partners are using our training methodology

We introduced development plans to close the skills gaps in our company using elements of competition to address key areas.

Competition activity is now fully embedded in our apprenticeship programmes. This mirrors what UK businesses need to do in order to thrive in a global economy.

Pete Spence, Senior Specialist at Toyota Manufacturing UK

We know how important competitions are in helping to improve and learn and benchmark against the very best.

It’s really important for us to be involved in WorldSkills UK competitions. When our apprentices compete in that particular trade-set, they’re honing their skills, and we’re able to benchmark where we are against that particular standard.

Mark Donnelly, Head of Apprenticeships & Skills at BAE Systems

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